Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The Real Me

Inspite of the weather hoopla' the past several days have been a pleasant mixture of warm togetherness...with my family. So, Hanellie, this is especially for you...a non- cartoonic pic' ov' me...with the hubz' partially peeking in..his was taken last week..Wdnesday...It was my son's 17th day and we had dinner at Tiendensitas..which is a really pretty place to hang out in...specially at night.

I love looking at this pic because me Hubz' and I looked calm and cozy unrushed...something like that...He said something to me yesterday about being together more often...I hope so...

Anyway....that night I had freshly steamed oysters...clam chowder...lemon grilled squid.....sizzling chicken sisig, a really terribly good tatsting native delicacy that goes great with a drink....crispy fried tawilis ( small fish fried to succulent perfectiopn and served with viniagrette..)....and..oh'yes.... chicken grilled with a hint of lemon grass....

There was a band performing that night so we had a grand time listening to the 80's beat...loved it...Afterwards we headed for Starbucks and had the usual lattes and capuccinos....You seemed just like yesterday when my kids were really really babies...Right this moment looking at this..I can't believe the years...I can't believe the flow of days gone by..the things we've been through...the changes we're going through...I'm just...just...just...thinking of this all...I'm not the me...I used to be...

PS: I got me some sorry..I'm not double checking for everyone..


Lee said...

(Thinks to self) I should not read Lux's blog on an empty stomach!! That food sounds SO good!

kate said...

wow! I agree with Lee!

great photo of you and cute hubby too! I cant believe YOU have a 17 year old son! You look like a baby yourself!!!

I have a request... post or email me some recipes. Do you have something special you make there that you would be interested in sharing? Some great fish/shellfish dish perhaps... are there things that you make for the kids to snack on that we could try here? I will do the same for ya if you are interested!!

SJ said...

Who would believe you had a 17 year old son!!!

Mayden's Voyage said...

"I'm not the me...I used to be"

Oh...I so understand that~ joyful for the possibilties that lie ahead of me- and still kind of aching over what I'm giving up- those babes...not babes anymore.

My sister and her 2 boys just left- a 4 yr old, and almost 2 yr old-
Sweet- funny- precious- curious-
I could have another...right? :)
Yes- but I won't.

We'll all hold hands and walk into adulthood in numbers- and in good company.
Want to join us? I wish we all could! :)

velvet acid explosion said...

lux, we were just babies having babies, weren't we?

and indeed, when one looks on it one is rarely the one s/he used to be. we are not static entities, rather, dynamic. evolving. even if stable, the dynamism - its there.

our children. sort of a misnomer, for they aren't - and never were - ours to keep or give up at all, in a way. its our duty to raised them - guide them - into humanity. and then release them to themselves.

my son will be 21 in 3 months. and i can tell you our life together changed profoundly when he left home, leaving the nest empty. nostalgia, uncertainty, and some degree of fear all lingered.

i wonder if the desire to hang onto one's own children reflects a fear of self -- ie once they grow into themselves, we can no hide ourselves in our children. we must derive our own meaning. profound.

you look good, girl ... very well for your age.


X. Dell said...

Your dinner was better than mine. Hopefully, the meal can remind you of life outside of disaster.

schaumi said...

uh, were you wearing the "behind"? :)

just kidding. dinner sounds delicious.
children do grow up fast...a tired cliche, but oh so true..
i think we always drag some of the old 'me' with us as we grow older. it's like building layers. sometimes we discard layers, sometimes we keep the layers forever...hopefully the good layers so we can uncover them and use them when needed................and I really have no idea what i'm talking about........commenting through a headache here..
but you do look happy in that photo and relaxed. we need more moments like that..

K9 said...

/bark bark bark

what a treat to see ya smiling out....glad to see you happy and lovely...'ow! squid, huh? *shudder*


Hannelie said...

Luxie, what a loooovely photo, thanks for posting it.
Well, I can agree with you and the commenters, we are not what or who we use to be. My ex use to start telling me "you've changed" I think too We grow up! We are certain of who we are and what we want and then one day we woke up and think, Oh gosh, who did all this, where am I, where am I going?

My eldest will enter the big world in 5 years time, I am so scared and worried, will they cope and be ok and what will I be if I'm not mum. That's what made having another bub so good, but then one think of how can I do this all again, what if I stuff it up?

Your dinner sounds great, even if I'm not a seafood fan.
Glad you enjoyed it.

Hliza said...

Lux, yaa.. who would guess you have a grown up son? Wow.. I think even I look older than that.
C'mon.. I think I can't come over here during day time.. with the fasting and all!

Lady Lux said...

Lee: You just made me think of your food blog...I've always wanted to have one...thanks for dropping by...

Kate: Yeah!!!...I'm thinking of what I can share..see you at your bloggy'..

SJ: I have a 17 and 15 year old...both sons...

Hanellie: Thanks for everything...I'll write to you this weekend..

Hliza: wouldn't it be a treat if we could someday meet...and yeah...I love MAlaysian food!!!

X' wondering what you had...

K9: thank you dowgie...( pat..pat)

Mayden:...what can I say...but thanks for being who you are...

Schaumi: Hello..I loved your eggs...and hee!hee! to your question!!

My Dear Everyone..

I love that you all came by...specially this moment when I'm feeling so darn off...thank you for making me smile..

X. Dell said...

Unfortunately, Lux, most of what I have for dinner is a disaster.

velvet acid explosion said...

i wuz here, too. i think i can take a hint, tho.

see ya.

kate said...

Hope all is well over younder!! Have a good day!

Enemy of the Republic said...

Gosh, you look great. Thanks for all your visits. I'd write more but I am really foggy this morning.

Aunty Belle said...

Hey sugar pie! Wow--youse real purty, darlin'. Yore Hubz is lucky fella, hope he knows it...

Now, sweet baby, one thang is that we grow up--yep, like some others said (Velvey?)Yore hubz is different too--life changes us and thas' a good thang too, or we'd jes' be stuck in permanent 20 somethin's. trick is to hep each other figger out how to grow in compelmentary ways, a sense of discovery for the you, youse becomin'.

Be patient with Hubz, see, cuase it is real hard fer a fella, since, when he gits hitched, he thainks this version of his lady is the final version of her...and he doan much care fer change, and a young pretty girl that is all trustin' and adorin' is a fella's idea of nirvana (even better if she likes football and will sit
through hours of TV games wif him).

But when life gits a'goin' and it is clear youse partners in life and he needs a wise lady with a head on her shoulders, it is a relief--that starry eyed chile' he married ain't much use in a crisis, ya see? Starry eyed is fine when it is nuthin' wrong in yore life, but when I fella is sick, or shipped out to war or loses a job, why his lady needs to be tough enough to hold up her end of the partnership. Such a lady is a thang of beauty, and a good fella will realise that, Luxylu.

Yore boy will be jes' fine...bless him on his way, and expect a few bumps in the road...but doan let it steal yore joy that ya' have such a fine chile'.

Youse a dear creature, honey. Loved seein' ya' in the real.

Aunty Belle said...

Oh dear..wrote ya a long post but the machine done et it up! Dang...well, youse lovely, honey!!

Youse supposed ter patient wif' hubz, since when a fella gits hitched he sorta thainks this version of his lady is the final version--all starry eyed and trustin' and adorin' him...but that ain't worth too much when life gits a'goin'...then ya needs a lady wif a head on her shoulders. When a fella is sick, injured, shipped out to war or loses a job, why a lady with grqace and fortitude is a thang of beauty, she holds up her side of their partnership. Be proud of how youse changing into a lady a fella can love in a deep, soul-ful way.

Yore boy will be jes' fine, darlin'...bless him on his way, exppect a few bumos, but doan let it steal yore joy at havin' a fine boy!

Youse a dear thang, LuxLu.

Sue said...

My two are 17 and 15 as well - the years are flying by and they are growing up so quickly. Time is literally flying it because we are always so busy? Great pic - as you say you look so calm, even your blog seemed to be calmer! I was able to read it and not feel out-of-breath!

Sean said...

glad i popped in and saw the picture and the post.

schaumi said...

vive le green!

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

Well hello there. Glad to see you. But you have a seventeen year old son??? No way!!!