Thursday, March 08, 2007

The Colors of this Carpet

"Today is the only day of your life."
-Your Sacred Self -

My materials are still locked inside. More importantly, my collection of photographs are embedded still within the cold womb of my other computer. If a C - Section is necessary, then it must be done. My written babies must be brought back forth into the comforting arms of their mommy me.

Then again, I am a believer of serendipity. I believe in finding "happy" in the most unexpected places and the most mundane circumstance. A reason for everything and a season for all I just so read. So I shall not worry or fret..or frown..or get upset..or tear up..or freak out. No. I am calm...period...force field.

I was thinking a while ago about limitations. How I have allowed my peppered thoughts, outdated beliefs and the influence of past shadows shape and dictate who I am, what I am capable of and even how I feel up to this present moment. How many countless times have I welcomed voices and visions from bygone days to whisper what I can and cannot do? Enough.

Unique. Yes I know I am that. And so are all of you and you and you. More often I forget this truth. I allow my perceived limitations to be the limitations of the world. Sometimes I end up bitterly criticizing me and becoming surprisingly suspicious of the intentions of others.

At my worst, I freely allow a well up of hot emotions triggered by normal unfavorable events of life dampen my minutes and hours and days. Ultimately, I end up labeling whatever current flavor feeling of the moment I possess as either good or bad...evil..angelic...positive...negative ..acting it all out in gusto!

Ah' ....but they are just what they are " feelings"... not good..not bad...not to be denied,,,,just something to be acknowledged and understood. End of story....move on.

But the God of this universe is truly good. He has brought into my hands the steady encouraging words of one who sought after Him. Simple words they are but life transforming to my soul.

"...Just as the colors of this carpet are brought out by the light - but light is not the color, so is the world caused by you - but you are not the world.

That which creates and sustains the world, you may call it God or providence, but ultimately you are the proof that God exists, not the other way round.

For before any question about God can be put, you must be there to put it...

You are that invisible essence that proves the existence of God and the world...."

- Nisargadatta Maharaj

Interesting. I've heard this before but the compassionate way it was written moved and made me ponder on how I continuously define myself through my casual thoughts and actions...

which all but reflect back to me...

My life..what I have now and experience is a mirror of me...a result of choices...decisions.....and step after another...connecting dots...

I created all that I have right now....the people around me...I asked for them...the work that I do...I saw this years ago.....

So....what's stopping me now?...No one...except...... me.

No more. More than ever today.....

I believe that I create my reality.

I believe I can make something exist by wanting it.

I believe that everything I want for me..for my family..for my sphere of influence will be.

I believe I make a difference.

I believe I am a positive influence in my community.

I believe that I am a soulful friend to myself and to others.

I believe I am wealthy...every single need is met...every single wish is granted.

I believe in my goodness and those of others.

I believe in the now and eternity.

I believe I am a student of life..

I believe I teach by living me...

I believe that I am..finally the image of the me I have in my mind..

and that I am becoming nothing less than a divine human being every single day....and so is every one else...


foam said...

first let me say that i do hope you can retrieve all your information from your old blog.
and i do agree...the only hindrance we usually have in trying to live our lives to our fullest capability is....ourselves. and like you said, no more of that....

LADY LUXIE said...

I hope so too..I can re create my materials but the photos are precious...I should have transferred them to an online album....have a nice weekend!

X. Dell said...

I don't know if any of us are unaffected by outside forces, nor if we shouldn't be. But I would agree that at some point we must define ourselves, and not leave that task to others--no matter how much esteem we have for them.

As for the computer thing, if you have a dead computer, but an undamaged hard drive, it's possible to recover your lost material cheaply and in seconds. If your hard drive is severely damaged, it might cost a few thousand dollars to retrieve the information. But I'm betting you can get it back for considerably less.

Valerie - Riding Solo said...

You could be my spiritual twin, I just opened the book this morning after reading two others by him.

Seeking is living!

I also am living in the spirit with you.

Even down to the misplaced hammer we have many things alike.

Looking forward to knowing you better!

LADY LUXIE said...

Hello Miss Valerie: Thank you fr dropping by and reading!..I just read a pretty intense post you did..wonderful!