Wednesday, March 14, 2007

A Difficult Reply

"The Difficult Reply"
- by Guy Rose (1867-1925)

(An entry in my lady diary dated February 26, 2007):

" I have been having the most difficulty painting my thoughts into words and stringing them into a garland to grace the neck of this lady diary. Even my handwriting, uneven and crisscrossed attests to how absolutely out of sync my psyche is. As if my words are hovering above somewhere between the heavens and my head with my poor tired hands madly scrambling to grasp lexis in place.

But I must write.

Imprisoned words must be let loose. I have to. For if I don't.... it would be as if I have

I don't want to lose me. I am in words and phrases and clauses. I am patterned structures and diagrammed verses drumming this heart beat. I must not...not...lose my writing.

I am here.

I am meaning.


foam said...

beautifully written, luxie. it's art..
it's kind of funny.
when i first clicked on and this post opened for just the briefest second i thought that painting was you....
but no computer. however i reckon it could be you writing in your lady diary.
be careful of your hand now!

LADY LUXIE said...

oooo thank you...

what caught my eye was how the lady here was seated..the way I usually hold my posture while writing..

I do feel that the artist captured me...down to the missing words being searched for....

me' hands better...

X. Dell said...

Hmm. The writer's eternal crisis, getting the sometimes offbeat words to dance on cue. Letting things out is part of the process.