Friday, April 13, 2007

Dizzy Disappointment

Disappointment I think is a feeling...yes..a feeling I do so rarely feel. Maybe..because I don't put heavy expectations on people or on situations..or a way I have a bit of a cool leeway to understanding when things don't turn out as expected. Also..I know I easily recover....bounce back when things don't go my way...

However, something happened recently that paved the way for this rare visitor to enter my home here being my inner spirit...I felt it...a wave of sadness and regret knowing that one major expected result is not going to transpire...the death of a dream....oh' yes..I now know that dreams can die..such as stars do.....Of course, coming hand in hand with death is birth....birth of a new dream....It remains however, for now..the fact that I am greatly disappointed. that I understand shall I choose to act?..Will I give way to the seductive thought of creeping into one corner and start crying...or perhaps..bang my head on a wall....or something a bit more creative like throwing a major tantrum coupled with hissing and gnarling and gnashing and spewing greenish venom....maybe roll my eyes backward while twisting my head a full 360 express my whole disappointed contempt for what has happened...

I could gorge on food...a whole lot...or perhaps..ahh' better yet to drown a whole case of beer and fling each bottle over all my neighbor's boring rooftops....Then again, I could belly dance in the highway...Maybe wearing sack cloth and covering myself in ashes while walking upside down towards Malacanang Palace ( think.. White House) demanding to meet the President would relieve me...

Haaaah!..snooks...I guess not...Just hangin' around here in my bloggy' home is respite enough...And maybe staring at the lunch me Hubz' prepped last Sunday would soothe me...

mem'ries of a good time...ya'


JeannieGrrl said...

Thats a great shot hun :) Welcome to HNT its really the highlight of my week at times! xox♥

Mayden's Voyage said...

Oh- disappointment leaves a bitter taste, doesn't it?
Makes my stomach feel sour when I think of...oh...unanswered words- unmatched feelings...sigh...even as I recall those moments- it all feels rather fresh and unpleasant.

I am sorry friend- Wish I could hug, or sing, or pray the disappointment away, but I can not.
I can only say I understand.
I understand.
I understand.
There- now what do we do? :)
I'm going to make a cup of tea and hope that Kate calls me in a few minutes...and one day, it will be you that I hear :)
I send a gentle hug...and a quiet smile. I have a video idea with you in mind...told hubby about it last night and he laughed himself silly.
You will too-
Might be the perfect cure for the illness of disappointment?
Hope so~
Love the HNT. Maybe I'll do one next week?
We'll see :)

kate said...

keep on blogging... its good for the soul and way less calories! *wink

Hey I just nominated you for the Thinking Blogger Award... because you always make me think! =]

Have a good weekend! I am an email away! =]

foam said...

naaaaaah, throwing a major tantrum can cause your blood pressure to rise. crying causes red baggy eyes. stopped up nose and can even lead to a headache. and i think that after rolling your head 360 degress you might be in need of a chiropractor.
tons of food and booze lead to weight gain. just booze makes you stupid and silly......sack cloth is itchy. ...
well, luxie,
i reckon you came to the right conclusion. let it all hang out in your bloggy home. you know we'll listen and encourage you in your endeavors to build a new dream.
now, how about a chocolate sundae?
just one can sooth the soul.

X. Dell said...

Lux, would this have anything to do with the school?

HLiza said...

Hi Lux..sorry for not being around for quite some time. You know why!
Wish I can hug you too when you're feeling like this..