Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Checked in here at 7:25 am on another pretty morning to say that from being five yesterday I am now 39 once again with a sickie kiddo' here at home, a hubby who is not around ( business trip), a front lawn that needs weeding, a backyard that needs sweeping, plates to wash, clothes to hang, floor to sweep, forms to fill, lunch to cook, art to make, stuff to study, books to cover, aaaaand a party to plan. Yes...a party to plan ( just a small one) because tomorrow my son turns 18!

I also promised myself to yoga today ( been remiss) and to jog tonight as well as to make sure to make time for a little meditative quiet after I have done everything needed....Woooosh'..I so need that time to reflect and straighten out a bit of a path towards where I'm really heading.

Yesterday I gave my final "no thank you" answer to another training project being assigned to me. Pondered on it for awhile...thinking if maybe I should just take one last one...but no...no...because if I do then it would seem like a step back from living my dream.

Little spidy doubts are creeping in....as expected...thoughts of wether I can do this....but heck..what have I got to lose right?....If I don't move on I will forever wonder. Come to thik of it anyway, I have lived so many bits and parts of my dreams already. I wanted to be a mom....so here I am...I wanted to be a teacher..so I was...I wanted to write..yes I did..in fact, did that first....Now it's time for the rest of my dreams to appear. The key is passion.

And so dear loves I leave you for a while. Tis' the season for a writing bloggy' break...a full 7 days of bloggy' no post fast...Oooooo.....wonder how I'll keep up....but it is needed. I shall miss you all but will be back next week..Meanwhile I am on the hunt for exquisite beads, swarovski crystals, pretty fabrics and a sewing machine....

Mwah' mwah' to you all..till then!!

Be good now...wink'..wink :>


alison said...

super cool! will wait patiently for your return... with more stories and colours of your find. happy bloggy break!

happy birthday to luxie's son!

Kate said...

hey... you are so special dear Luxie... somehow you can relate to so much of my life and still be so far away!

Anyway, check in when you are back from your break!!!

butterflygirl said...

Enjoy your break!

Jac said...

I am taking a bigger one. Wanted to catch you before you go off but a bit late it seems.

Don't you have time to visit this poor me ? LOL

Happy week luxie, consider yorself a lucky woman because you have it all planned and you got it all one bye one...and way to go

Jac said...

Came back to say Happy Birthday to your son.

Mirror Me said...

just when i returned..now u'r leaving ;(. have a good break n'ways girl n come back all charged up ;p . muaahhhh!

foam said...


X. Dell said...

Have fun during your hiatus from blogging and work.

Thirty-nine again? You aren't related to Jack Benny, are you?

Mayden' s Voyage said...

I think I'm with you on this...on the 7 day break.
And do you know whose b-day you confused with mine??? Oh friend, my son turns 14 this week too! Our boys have b-days on the same day, or a day apart! I had forgotten this...but your heart remembered! Hugs :) (Tim will be 14 on the 28th)

Hugs- be productive- find the beautiful things you need to make more beautiful things-

It's such a gift to know you-

Hugs and love~

Mayden' s Voyage said...

And I LOVE your new header! :)
I got one too :)

Amber said...

Sometimes being nearly-40 feels like 80 with responsibilities, doesn't it? (Not to mention creaky knees...oy, don't get me started!) Happy birthday to your baby and YOU...this is a big day for YOU, too! And I'm sure one filled with so many different emotions! Enjoy!

Gillian @ Indigo Blue said...

Hey lovey,
Take care of YOU!!! Saying No thank you is so very liberating. It feels good to do what is right for ourselves.
Let me know when you are back, until then, put yourself in a bath, take a walk, put your feet up. In between planning a party of course!
Happy Birthday to your son!!!

exskindiver said...

hey lux-
i am still reacting to the fact that you have an 18 year old.
you look too young!
(yes i remember that shot of you in shorts)

have a good break.

Merelyme said...

you certainly will be missed!

david santos said...

Very, very nice, special, my friend Luxie.
Thank you.