Tuesday, September 11, 2007

My Brain is Birthing

Abundance is not something we acquire.It is something we tune into.- W. Dyer

("My mind is giving birth....I'll be back in a shortie'...")

I wrote that early this morning because my mind did give birth.
It safely delivered an idea.

Right now though it is pregnant again...I can feel words and colors and scenarios bulging inside the swelling of my cranium. I bet a scan would reveal I am bearing twin rainbows.

The first magic appeared yesterday. I was presented with a job offer to head a language school owned by an Asian foreign investor. Could this be the answer to the current dry of my career libido? Will this rev it up? The pay is good and the work prospect excited me!

I mulled things over yesterday...again and again...seriously trying to picture me all dressy' and poised and confidently dealing with the marketing, the curriculum development, directing staff...It will be just like having my own school.

And I mulled things over again and again...

It wouldn't really be my "own" school.

I'd have to get up early. I'd have to deal with challenges. I'd have to talk and talk and talk. I'd get back home tired. I wouldn't have as much time for the home and kids. And the wammer' of it all is that..I would have to deal with a boss....(who doesn't speak my language even) eeeeeks!

But the pay is good...oh yes'...

With that last thought I felt a gush of insight flow out of my mind...Something just wanted to push out...

Didn't I have my own pod of dreams nestling in me? Didn't I dream of helping people get work? So then...why work for someone else? Why slave my time,my talent, my voice, my brains, my makeup for someone to profit through me? Why not instead of asking for work I give work instead?

Why what an ambitious Luxie way to think tsk! tsk!

But I believe that the dots connect ( as Hubz would say)..and two days ago while I was trying on some pretty flowery trinkets, my husband casually asked me what ever became of my plans to go into crafted handmade designs..and my plans to create cutesy' stuff as well as my own line of cologne....a little sweet like this and that...under the Lady Luxie label?!

And there appeared the second magic..

The realization that I can work for me...doing the things I love most...


No more employee mentality...No more waiting for my pay...No more having to do things the way he or she likes...and the cream of the pie is that I can do all these in my home...the place where I most feel my best...

Me in business..for real?...on my own...Can I make it?....

As sure at the idea came to be the wails of doubt followed suit....then I remembered what I posted a day or two ago....

I am already complete...I am it all already......I now tune into abundance.


Keshi said...

wow @mind is giving birth..

tnxx a ton for ur wonderful n encouraging comment in my blog. U ROCK!


Mirror Me said...

ok..push girl..push...;p

alison said...

hey... this is exciting! you go girl!! and i'll be your pom pom girl to cheer you on! i've read many a blog where they go thru this path too and maybe you can ask them for some advice, i'm sure they'll love to share! :) go! go! go! wooohooo!

foam said...

yay, luxie...
you go!
and remember while birthing may be difficult and painful at times, the end result is ultimately worth it.

Ps said...

OMG lady Luxie!!!--you voiced out EXACTLY what i went through when i turned down a job offer for EXACTLY the same reasons you mentioned!
Congrats on the offer though.It feels great to know your 'market value'
But it feels even better to realise your OWN worth!!
Keep creating!

Gillian @ Indigo Blue said...

You can do this!
Be your own boss. You will work harder in the end anyways, but who will gain? Your family and you.
How exciting! Let us know what you have, now that you are in labour!

Greedy Blugger said...


firstly, thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving an encouraging comment.

secondly, this is the first post of yours that I read and I must admit I was enthralled!

A woman with b*lls!(Sorry there's no other way for me to say it!)

Go for your dream! My husband and I are both crafted in the same way. We hate working for other people, that's why we're both doing our darnest to make sure we wouldn't be doing that for the rest of our lives.

Wishing you all the best!

Kate said...

what a great post Lux! You are indeed creating abundunce! I think that the job offer is a beginning. Whether you take it or not, knowing that others see such potential in you that they would want to invest... thats HUGE!! I am sooo proud of you!

I will come work for you and teach english! lol I could only get away a couple of times a year, but there has to be some use for a peppy American coming in to teach English and American culture! lol Ohhh that would be really fun. Like a month at a time (more than that I would miss my kids too much I think)

Anyway, you go girl! Remember to breath in and out and through the contractions. I cant wait to see the photo of the babies! hehehe

Kate said...

.... Just heard about the
Tsunami warnings following the Indonesia quake... Hope all is well there!

Amber said...

Luxie, I am so excited for you. I can feel your passion through the computer screen! It is contagious! I so admire your bravery to take the leap...working for yourself, following your intention. Takes courage, girl...and you can do it!

LADY LUXIE said...

Amber: Thank you very much. Oh' and yes....I do have the passion for this dream of mine :>

Kate: all is well here..the sun is shining...hoot!...Would I luv' to go for a swim..

And thank you too..I already wrote to the one who posted the offer to me telling her gently that I appreiate the offer but perhaps some other time would come by wherein we could work something out.

You...teach English here?...Ohhh'...that would be really something...You'd be famous I bet!....Maybe when I get to buld that school of mine...way ahead of someday...:>

Greedy Bugger...My "b*lls" hee! hee! are way hidden inside meee (?)...What I mean is..I just feel this resource of strength that this is right....And I'm so glad you dropped by..Still waiting for your succeeding posts!

Gillian: Will do let you know what I have he! he! sometime soon..You were an inspiration you know...

PS: That was what bolstered me..the thought that somebody had me in mind...It was quite a powerful lift off to my drooping ego...

Foam: Thank you...thank you. Yes I know it will be painful ( perhaps I can request for a sedative hmm')...oh' yes it will...but I will keep in mind what you said about the outcome...:>

Alison: A pom pom girl eh...Wow!..I can just see you now jumping up and down..thanks girl!

Mirror me: I aaaaaammmm...aaaaaaahhhhhhh :>

Keshi: Your welcome Keshi...You rock as well :>>

HLiza said...

Lux, please do what your heart desires..the creating part really gets me excited too..I can't wait, I can't wait! I remember you talking about the cologne brand sometime last year. And I'm dying to see the crafts you make! So happy just thinking of that..Go Luxie..go Luxie!

Jac said...

Do you need a business partner ? LOL

All the best.