Monday, September 17, 2007

Sweepy meeh..

"Collaborate with nature. Value beauty. Respect your intuitive inklings about the colors, shapes,textures and patterns that populate your personal world. Create an environment that entices fortune." - Victoria Moran

Busy busy week this will be for me. After my initiation into the world of big time "karaoke" belting ( he! he!) I'm ready to put mind and might in breathing life into my own world of colors, shapes, textures and patterns.

First the vision!....

I've put it off for far too long but not anymore.
The days of this week will therefore take shape in pictures and words and prayers and belief. My vision board will arise! There are important things to be done I know...but the most important of it all will be my time of penning dreams in paper and pasting pictures of what will come to be...I believe in this.

And yes... I start this week with a reckoning of my blessings. I do not live in a bubble bottle of perfumed hours and minutes and seconds..There had been moments in the past week wherein great decisions had to be made, as well as instances wherein temperance and understanding had to be extended...There were lows and mid valley highs..and all served as a teacher to me.

I must say though that one particular pink package of blessing I treasure is the inspiring comments from the circle of intimate few I have....From all the pretty lighted corners of the world I meet you .... and when you grace my bloggy'' home with your words I feel chirpy' happy. Thank you.

A sweet start of the week to all! Happy Blogging!


PS: I share the sights of my weekend at:



X. Dell said...

I have a busy week coming up too. I visited your other site to look at the pictures. The Philippines don't look as exotic when you photograph them as they do in my mind's eye. For that, I thank you.

alison said...

ooOoo... this is so so exciting, all the more looking forward to read your blog for the latest update of your new venture! happy vision board making!

david santos said...

Exciting, Lady Luxie!
Work admirable.
Thank you.

Sue said...

Been absent from blogging and popping over to see you. Your blog is as poetic as I remember it to be!

Amber said...

What a great idea...I need a vision board! Fun!

butterflygirl said...

A vision for a busy week...thanks for the idea.

exskindiver said...

hi luxie,
i heard you are having problems pulling up my site.
i blog on firefox, i wonder is it is not a match with your browser.

Jac said...

Did anyone tell you that you are a sparkling wisdom too ???

Great visions luxie! it always will help you in long run, teach you more wisdom in the coming days.

Did you notice new quote in my header ?
"How mean am I, when life gives me gold and I give you silver, and yet I deem myself generous" ~Gibran

I have quoted it after knowing the meaning very very well.

david santos said...

At this moment the poem on Madeleine is in edioma Portuguese, but also I go to publish it in English and others ediomas so that all the people understand.

Thank you and have a good week

vineeta said...

proud of you! I've been thinking I want to put together my visionboard & not got around to doing it as yet :( So maybe I should start right now! U really are an inspiration!

exskindiver said...

try it when you have time.
i did a few modifications.
(actually i just removed a phil collins video...supposedly this was causing the problem)

Princess Banter said...

Heyyyyyy where's that place? Waaaah you're making me miss home! I'm thinking of going back to Manila for a visit in November. That's still too loooooooong! I'm so impatient LOL! I cannot wait to indulge myself in the salons -- my hair, my nails, massage! Paradise!

Anonymous said...

came by to munch on a cyber cookie.

foam said...

oh, that was me..the anymoose person

LADY LUXIE said...

X:DELL: Lots to see can get downright exotic too!!

Alison: I believe you've made one yourself right?

David: Yes it is gives me something to look at and remind me of the things I want.

Sue: Welcome back..will visit soon!

Amber: Fun really :>

Ex: Just tried to once again..will be in touch.

Vineeta: Oh' so happy you're inspired!

Foam: for one reason or another..even when you post as anon I know that it's you :>

LADY LUXIE said...

Princess: That's Greenbelt! Glad you're coming for a visit!