Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Lunch for Today...Freshly Cooked!

My husband will take a look at this. That's for sure because later on I am bent on texting him nonstop to do so. He is away on a week long business trip and will be back late Friday.

"This will feel like home honey...even if it's just a screen...Afterwards you can get online and we can have a looong chat whatya'say huh?? ;>

Oh' please don't forget to bring home a box of piping hot"Buko pie" ( coconut pie) from Collette's so I can take a pic of it for this blog. "

This is the "Champorado" ( chocolate porridge) breakfast we ( kids and I) had this morning. Actually, this is what's left of it and is now in the ref ready to be heated up if one of the boys asks.

Snooks' food food food'....this is what's on my mind. And speaking of mind....I am so seriously thinking about a WEDNESDAY WELLNESS post that is so fit for WEDNESDAY WELLNESS LUNAR MUSINGS.

Am' a bit shy about joining bloggy' writing groups' really...but this one is pretty spark because everybody gets to share a unique personal take on how to make life a pretty wink.

Which reminds me...a few months back a Singapore based friend sent me mail...Surprised me really because we haven't seen each other for years and years and years..maybe 7...8...then she tells me about stumbling onto my profile in the net..and browsing then finally writing...

And this lady..well..she asks me how I "manage" to look "young." ..hee! hee! hee! really..

I was dumbfounded and a tinge embarrassed coz' of course those are pics..and honestly sometimes I smudge them with a bit of glow here and there..nye he!he!he!

I was tweetum' pleased of course... but didn't have the heart to tell her that I didn't have like a " beauty ritual" of some kind...( she owns a beauty salon and wanted to use my answer in this place where she was writing about beauty stuff).

I dunno' if I was a disappointment but when I wrote back to her I told her about how I take a bath and use soap and scrub and lather on lotion ( sometimes...) and that's about that .

Then I went on about the possibility that the first step to looking well is making sure one is mentally know....balanced...

and the first step to being balanced is this thing called "honesty" facing yourself in the mirror and admitting there are some really bad vibes in you you gotta' change coz' it's hurtng others and when you hurt's gonna show on you...your face matter how expertly you place in your matter how sweetly you'll show....your eyes will reveal it...your clenched jaw...a twitch of the lips.....its there...

Every second we get these pictures..these films playing on our minds...It's important that we catch ourselves in the middle of our internal movie...It's like there are three of us in one person...the walking you...the mind that plays on..and the deeper consciousness that bellows " hey ho'..yo'...where did that come from..can you say that again...we haaaave an issue here!"

Then all three of you get to have this private conference..( over tea and cookies).and I'm sure one of the you's will have to point out " we gotta' face this you know"...or "we gotta' let bygones be bygones you know" or " we gotta' apologize" you know"....

And this is just a theory..but I think when all the three you's ( me's) get into an agreement then some thing gets resolved....and when something gets resolved your body feels it..and your face lifts..........( ya!)....registers a kinda' matter what you're wearing...or not..wearing...

' I believe peace is the best moisturizer...coz I've met really pretty people....and most of them are 60 and some......though looking not a day older than 45...

and they all say one thing...

Luxie...."it's all in the mind."


exskindiver said...

This was a great post, lux.
you started it off by making my stomach hungry, with that meaty plate of pasta...and that masarap looking champorado...
and then you finished it off with some extremely sound advice for my mind.
Thank you for feeding me with this post.

peace is the best moisturizer indeed.
well said.

Amber said...

Yep, you hit us in the stomachs and the souls on this one, Luxie! See, you DO have a wonderful beauty just isn't something your friend can sell at her store. It can't be bought or sold!

butterflygirl said...

Are you going to a wellness Wednesday every Wednesday? I totally agree with you...being balanced and all. You were right on with the taffy apples.

foam said...

i consider myself asymmetrically balanced. when i'm really warped i might achieve a type of radial balance. rarely do i achieve symmetrical balance. but i figure they are all a type of balance ..

this is a truly lovely post.
your beauty regimen sounds like mine.
soap, water, lotion (sometimes).
may peace, balance and love be with you ..

LADY LUXIE said...

exskindiver: Thank you and of course you are most welcome as well :>

amber: I wonder how peace would look like in a moisturizer bottle..hmmm

Butterfy: I'm not sure we have that here...I joined a group though that would pose a topic about wellness every Wednesday..I live caramel apples!!

Foam: You are mighty balanced I should say...And thank you..

Jay said...

i don't have much of a beauty routine but I know how to eat good (looking) food!

Mustafa Şenalp said...

çok güzel bir site.

LADY LUXIE said...

Jay: he!..welcome to my bloggy' yourself with the food:>

Mustafa: Welcome as' err...thank you for what you said:>

Mustafa Şenalp said...


daisies said...

peace is absolutely the best moisturizer :) how wonderful!! am so glad you are doing wellness wednesday, that you commented on my blog and that led me here to you :)

nice to "meet" you ... xox