Monday, November 26, 2007

Playing Taggy' Tag

Seven (Silly) Things About Me

1. I wiggle my feet real fast when I can't fall asleep.

2. I'm a size five when it comes to shoes...(we're talking Asian size)...I can fit right in at the children's section.

3. I ( seriously) announce every dinner that I'm on a diet but end up eating as much ( ok....more often.... more than) the boys and my hubby. This fact has been recently and blatantly and without consideration to my inner feelings (hrmmmph!) pointed out to me.

4. I flunked math...Every single math there was starting from 4th grade.

5. When I was 15 I intentionally jumped from a really great height off a gigantic "macopa" tree and sprained my ankle without anyone having noticed. I pretended to be sick and stayed in bed. You see, I was told to never climb that tree because I could hurt myself. One summer afternoon I did just the opposite of course and when I heard my grandfather coming for me I just jumped.

6. My hands are also really really really tiny small....

7. I believe there are real fairies and elves lurking in areas with lots and lots ov' trees....

There we go...

I've actually been tagged twice for this. The lovelies to do so were:MIRROR ME and REBECCA.

Sorry ladies that it took me some time to do this...I had fun though! Thanks so much for thinking about me.

A happy start of the week to all...Oh' and anybody wanting to tag herself/ himself to do this is really:>


butterflygirl said...

Aren't we all always on a diet?

..................... said...

just popping in to say good morning..
or good afternoon to you.
nice list. there are certain points that i could ditto.
i might do it.
it would finish my 8 random things about me tag that i've been working on for, like......, forever...

Mirror Me said...

okie dookie...will do soon ;p
b good girl!

Amber said...

Enjoyed your list, Luxie! I think the Diet Fairies and Elves are the real culprits at your table!

LADY LUXIE said...

Butterfly: Hee! hee!..yes indeed!

........: It's good evening now...I'm looking forward to the grand finale of your list :>

mirror me: yeehah!

Amber: Aha! Yes of course!!..

HLiza said...

I'm really the opposite of you..I think I should be born in the West! I have size 9 shoes..big hands..big everything! I was already 65kg when I was 12!(That's why I keep in worrying about weight my whole life). I don't remember buying clothes from kids' department for so long.
I wiggle my feet too..mum says I look like a 'bitch' when I do that..she asks me to stop whenever she sees me..