Monday, December 17, 2007

Dreaming Face to Face

Those cute lampshades are a real find. I got them for a song. Goes well on top of that shelf to highlight my kissing scene don't you think? Sweet. Right now I'm on the hunt right for a couple more lamp shades. A touch lamp, most preferably in a light shade of brown, would be perfect.

And speaking of perfect, I just got off the IM with Chesca. Wow..I can't believe I'm actually going to meet a blogger gal for real!.I'm looking forward to this. I remember when I started the year I said I wanted to gain new friends. Well, here right now in Manila, fresh from cyber wonder is a beauty! Lovely lovely!

Come to think of it.There were actually several things I wanted when 07 was just rolling in. Most of them manifested. It's almost like magic.I know what life is telling me.

1. Life is telling me to not be afraid to dream...big even.

2. Life is telling me not to be afraid to meet my dream..face to face.

Everything I want already exists. Most especially..that kiss.


foam said...

morning/afternoon to you, luxie..

nice lamp shades. i gots an old brown beat up one from the 70s somewheres.
want it?

i wanted to meet a blogging buddy or 2 this year. guess that won't happen. but perhaps next year.

it's nice when dreams come true.


Mirror Me said...

i love dat pic! u sud hv it enlarged n turn it into a potrait ;p
if ur coming 2 KL...i'm ere ;p

rebecca said...

nice lampshades...really like them. remember my horror story of hubbie and i doing one project a year because we have such different tastes? well, the year we married it took us six months to come to an agreement on lamps...and i still hated them. after that, i vetoed him on all things lamps and went and got the lamps i liked! see how that works!

Graciel of Evenstar Art said...

So lovely to "see" you again, Luxie. Thank you for your gracious comments. I wrote about "not being afraid" for myself, but the Universe whispered that another would willingly receive the same message. I'm thrilled it was you.

Let's make a pact to open our hearts wider in 2008. Love and blessings to you...

Amber said...

Sign me up for the Widening Heart Pact of 2008! I think Luxie's is already wide open, though! Great photo and sentiment, always.

HLiza said...

Oh..that's so cute! My hubby is too shy to take that kind of photo!

Lydia said...

Hello Luxie, I think it's wonderful that your meeting a blogging buddy. Have a great time.

Kate said...

Very fun!

I think you are right about everything you want already existing! I think that figuring out what it is we want is really half the battle! =]

Have a great day!

Kate said...

Very fun!

I think you are right about everything you want already existing! I think that figuring out what it is we want is really half the battle! =]

Have a great day!

exskindiver said...

hi luxie!!!!
You are one amazing woman.
Isn't it funny how the moment we saw each other, we hugged tightly like long lost friends?
that was too cool.
i put our picture up.
grab it.
if it does not work,
i will email it to you.

X. Dell said...

I know you'll have a grand time meeting a cyberpal. I envy Chesca.

My World said...

such a beauty. bloghopping here from bless's site.

david santos said...

Hello, Lady,
nice posting, thank you.

I wish you a good end of 2007 and a good year of 2008.

Mayden' s Voyage said...

"Everything I want already exists"-
I so needed to read that today-
to be reminded...
I saw your photo at Chesca's- and I cried...isn't that silly?
My heart felt like it would burst with joy and happiness- as if it was me in Chesca's place-
silly me- :)

Hugs friend- big hugs- and Merry Christmas. I will have some much needed time off after the 26th- and yours is the first letter I will be writing-

foam said...

you know i looooooooooove you too..
mwah, mwah...
Merry Christmas, luxie!