Wednesday, January 02, 2008

My Hope....

  • Nyaaaaah'...Peace and quiet and crickety wicket sounds from outside.
  • Finally, I am alone in my bedroom with the lights dimmed low.
  • The visitor just left.
  • The Hubz and my youngest son went out for his ( the son's) much needed haircut.
  • School resumes tomorrow.
  • Normal routines softly settling in.
  • Need to lose the weight I have so seriously gained...tsk!
We were just talking about this person who owed us money. It's been seven months and not a word from her. So early this morning, in truth to our endeavors of organizing loose ends, my husband paid her a surprise visit. Happy New Year!

It wasn't as if she wasn't advised. Our phone calls last year were left unanswered yet we gave her the benefit of the doubt. Maybe she's overseas I thought...Japan or maybe in the States to visit relatives. Surely ten thousand pesos isn't a big deal. I mean, it's a lot perhaps...but she doesn't seem the type who'd think so.

Soooo..Hubzzy lovie went knock knocking into her nice huge Italian inspired graaaand mansionesque housie....The first thing she tells him is that I had already sent a friend of mine to collect the money from her. Hubzzy calls me and asks..

Hubz: Honey...did you send someone over to collect money from her?

Me: Huh? Who? Duh?

Hubbzy: I thought so...I'll settle this.

To make her story worse, she claims I sent my best friend over to collect the money from her and that I had personally...personally....persooooonally texted her to hand over the money to "my friend" ( whom I have sent) .Grrrrrrrr........

Now...if that isn't being stoned I dunno what is!! Sigh.

One of the very first things I told myself as the year 2007 was drawing to a close was that I would think kindly of people. Just be accepting. What happened this morning is a real test. How can I think kindly of this person who is obviously trying to con my hubzzy and me? How dare to even use my friend's name. How dare to use me...meeeeeh! Gawsh'....her storytelling a lie is unbelievably downright dumb I had to laugh.

Oh' least she paid out half. She's not off the hook yet..oooh' noooo...I mean to go back this Saturday to face her eyeballl to eyeball..hah! And of course to collect the rest of what she owes. Me' hopes I can hold my tongue.


Amber said...

Does this crazy lady know the spiritual powerhouse she is pitted against? LOL I wish you much luck in recouping the rest. My husband loaned...well, rather, "gifted" an old friend (best man in our wedding) with some money a couple years ago, after he called and asked. I was angry as I knew the guy would never pay it back. His life has deteriorated...he became involved in drugs and we haven't seen him in years. Although I wanted to, I couldn't believe his claims that he was clean and trying to get back on track and needed some money to make it happen. My husband turned to me and told me he viewed it as a gift...a payoff of sorts. If the man was truly clean and paid us back, then Mike would know their friendship stood to be rebuilt. If he didn't clean up and pay us back, then Mike knew he had done everything he could for his friend and could make a clean, permanent cut with no tugs of conscience. As you might imagine, we have not heard from him since. This viewpoint only worked because this was once a dear, close friend of my husband's (not just an acquaintance) and because we didn't loan him a boatload of money. He asked us for much more than my husband gave him. Anyway...I'm rambling. I hope you are able to get your money AND end the relationship all at once! :-)

..................... said...

good luck on that one.
perhaps one reason they can afford that kind of house is due to scamming folks on a regular basis. i reckon she came across the wrong folks this time.