Thursday, January 10, 2008

My Pot

Photo: Madrigal Business Park, Northgate Alabang

Where can you purchase inspiration? The inspiration to create good is what I mean. It seems so many people are inspired oh' yes'...but for the opposite reason. Sometimes it still strikes me strange how human beings can be so inspired to malign, rob, destroy, torture and murder. Desensitizing to read about it...hear it...witness it on TV..on the internet....Just a dirty appetizer of a few sentences enticing you to click on the main course yet, at times I still manage to get shocked.

If only inspiration were a canned commodity like milk stacked in a fancy grocery aisle and packaged in pretty blue and white cow smiling cartons..They'd come in different brands of course, some with added calcium for a more power packed impact. Boxed inspiration that can be shipped in any part of the globe...or smuggled into foreign dictator closeted countries like forbidden books...or..yeah' a...narcotic!

Hah!Bet that's what narcotics an artificial jolt of inspiration...wouldn't know really...never tried one.

I need inspiration I need it....Later I'm going out to look for pot..ok..pots....I have two flowery looking plants here...Me' thinks placing them in terra cotta jars would probably give that jolt of high...that inspiration sooo needing to rush through me.

How do you get inspired?


Dysfunctionelle said...

I like to paint :) digital, less messy. My programs are incredibly lifelike though... You know? Sometimes I find life is more desensitizing than media :(

SJ said...

With a title like My Pot if I didn't know you... :) :)

Lydia said...

Hello Luxie, There's way too much negative energy in this world. This bad energy can sometimes hamper the flow of positive energy, leaving people miserable and depressed. It maybe because many people feed off of the bad things in life for entertainment. Your very right when you speak of inspiration. Doing something good that creates a positive spark from within, would do this place a world of good. The challenge for me is rising beyond all the negativity around me, so I can get inspired.

Mirror Me said...

i do a lot of thinkin & analysin while driving alone...dats when ideas & inspirations dawn on me ;p
n music of cos...silly sometimes, but it'll come wen least xpected

X. Dell said...

One of the things that spawns inspiration is neccesity. Another thing is the faith to realize, or execute the inspiration.

X. Dell said...

BTW, it doesn't take much to inspire a bon mot from SJ.

Amber said...

I think potting flowers is a wonderful way to be inspired...the color of the flowers pleases your sense of sight; the fragrance pleases your sense of smell; hands in dirt pleases your sense of your senses awaken, so does your soul...Voila! Inspiration!

foam said...

anyway, even if the repotting of your plants into something prettier doesn't inspire you, it will at least make you feel better..perhaps even happy.

what inspires me? unfortunately deadlines do, and, like said.. necessity

LADY LUXIE said...

dysfuntionelle: Welcome to my bloggy' home. Painting is so much fun..and I would like to definitely see some of yours.

SJ: eeerrr..??!

lydia: Hmmmm..oh' yes...I do believe your right! Too much negativity traveling all over hampers the flow of the positive....

Mirror; Drive carefully road sister:>

X:DELL: So aptly aptly said..:>

Amber: On to buy more flowers then ! :>>

Foam: Shivers to the word deadline he!he!..It does induce a lot of inspiration from me as well:>

cathy_bythesea said...

going to the sea or an overnight stay at a retreat house in Tagaytay always does it for me. lovely blog, Luxie :)

Rose said...

"Just a dirty appetizer of a few sentences enticing you to click on the main course ..." - YOU inspire me, Luxie, to be a better writer and to craft words as beautifully as that sentence!
If only the "inspiration to create good" could be packaged and made available to all. In the meantime, good writing, lovely flowers in a pot and the kindness of those who are already inspired to goodness will hopefully fill the universe with a contagious, positive vibe!