Friday, February 29, 2008

My 40 Beginnings


If one thing can be said about numbers darlings, it is that...they too may stand for a word. Take for example, when a woman says 40, that could, in all possibility, mean more than a number. It could be a sigh. It could be a bold declaration of beginnings and the graceful acceptance of endings.

This 3rd day of the 3rd month I begin a new chapter in my life. Excitement pours through my nerves when I think this. The kind of excitement laced with orchid calm. It isn't at all like the gibberish giddiness of when I turned 30.

I feel sort of relieved. The lady that I was when I was 30 seems a ship a far away...but I'm happy for her. She has done well I think. She has kept the most important thing - the heart of a solid home.

She has held captive the heart of a strong good man. She is raising a couple of good strong men. She has taught four year olds their first ABC"S. She has held their little sweet fingers in hers and helped them trace swirls and circles and slants. She has even taught them the Antelope Song.

She has taught teenagers their first taste of Bacon. With essays on travels and friendships, she has shown them how personal value is a foundation to being and self discovery a penchant to breathing.

She has taught adults the hidden intricacies of communication...the secret layers beneath primary sentences that color a person's innermost meaning. She has coached and managed people and in the course, inspired other women to move on.

In spite of what she thinks, she has been brave in many different ways.

This lady has made a lot of things too. She has made meals, and presentations, and sales talks. She has made love, and made fury, and made friends. More than that, she has, quite stunningly, made the most fascinating mistakes as well! Oh' how grand those were!

There are no regrets. She loves..and loves in the meaning of what her love is.

Ah' quite the sentimental journey I will be taking this month of March...

Interesting, when I add up all the numbers that constitute the day and month and year of my birth, everything equals to 30. A number of balance...a number of completeness. This thought makes me smile.

Another quainter thing to note is that..I will always share the same day of celebrating a birthday with this man I love. If my birthday falls on a Monday, so too will his birthday be. Forever. For as long as there are years between us to share. So cool.

I will think of you sweethearts, but I take a bow for now. Just a week away from walk alone and be with

Now that I am, in all essence, wonderfully 40.

( Foamy: Thanks for the greet. Yes, I am the "fishy one" ..ha!ha!ha!ha! to your comment...Cheers and a toast to you as well...My boys also fall asleep on the couch..:)


**¤ ¤** said...

happy birthday, luxie doo .. :)
many happy beginnings on your journey into the vast unknown of the 40 somethings ..
i loved being 40. i could have stayed that way forever ..
alas, here i am at 48 ..
and you know what? it's not a bad thing. it's a good thing. i just don't look in the mirror anymore .. and all the pcitures i post are fuzzy .. :)
oh, and i just noticed that my youngest fell asleep on the couch..
oops ..
oh, well... won't hurt him. folks have been falling asleep on that couch for 40 years.
here's a raised glass of red wine to you on your birthday, oh fishy one..;)
ignore the hopsy avatar. i'm drinking red wine.

alison said...

oohhh!! a pisces, so am i!! my birthday is on the 8th day of the 3rd month, it's also "womens day"! :) and i will turn 34! and guess what? it will be polling day in the whole of malaysia!! i get to vote on my birthday, hows that for a present? :P

for 40, you look stunning! i love the curls of your hair! you've done well and you will achieve more in years to come. listen to heart and be happy! sending you lotsa love your way luxie!

happy birthday! *hugs*

LADY LUXIE said...

LOL! Thanks Foamy! :>>

Thanks too Alison and Happy Birthday as well :>

Lydia said...

Hello Luxie, You look wonderful. I didn't mind turning 40. Even though I loved it when I was at a much younger age, I would rather have the wisdom I have gained through the jorneys that I've taken so far in life, than go back to being much younger again. Now at 42 I too look way back at me when I was much younger and that's not who I am at all anymore. It seems like she(me)was another person all together. Have a happy birthday and enjoy your journey through your 40's.

X. Dell said...

Congratulations, Luxie. Now you're one of us. You're still young, you know. And I'll bet you're nowhere close to the midway point in your life yet. The thing to do is to live. Of course it's fun to reflect on what you have done. But seeing 40 years is accomplishment in and of itself.

Lorena said...

happy birthday and beautifully expressed thoughts!! i hope this year brings you just as much joy. you are lucky and blessed :)

butterflygirl said...

Happy Birthday Luxie! I hope I feel the same as you do in 5 years.

Vienna for Beginners said...

May each and every of your dreams come true! Have a wonderful time while away from cyberspace. :-)

Graciel of Evenstar Art said...

Welcome, Beautiful Woman, to a scrumptious decade. Self-esteem rises. Compassion for the self rises. Love deepens.

Blessings to you at the gateway to a marvelous time of life.


mirror~me said...

hapi belated birthday dahling....r we on for march? will b in bangkok next week and spore this month end.

daisies said...

happy birthday :) i too am turning 40 this year and very much excited by the prospect :)

hope you have a beautiful beautiful year! xo

cathy_bythesea said...

welcome to this wonderful stage Luxie! Belated Happy Birthday :) I am sure it was a spectacularly blessed one for you and your loved ones! Your life is about to get more exciting. I wouldn't trade my 43 for 33 :) Remember, life begins in the middle!

me said...

hey girl!

happy birthday. you're only just beginning your prime ....

best wishes for the year ahead.

Mayden' s Voyage said...

Happy, Happy Birthday :) Hugs and love...and I got your note-
Thank you friend~
I will be in touch soon.

I hope you are well and safe~