Sunday, March 09, 2008

Huka Huka Glory

If I could Crayola graph my "calmness" quotient for the past week, Saturday would register a screeching plunge...plunge, plunge, (!) into the steep abyss nothingness of this world's peacefulness. In short, I lost it. And I'm not talking about my virginity tho' that would make for quite an interesting story he!...Someday ya! What I lost was more of my sanity.

Blew my top...biiiig time ( siiiiiiiiiigh)...I hate..hate..hate it when that happens. I can be like a dormant volcano looking all pristine gloooooey smiley and just looking so Fuji zen and Everest strong in all my huka huka glory'..theeeen it hits!
Twisted magma simmers and boils and grunts and pushes and.....


Gawd''s just entirely darn frustrating to set out on deciding that I won't let things get into me and so when it does...gawd' it's just so hard to forgive myself. Sniffy' sniffity me....

But that was yesterday morning folks. Past. Today is a different story. The lunch I prepped was well gobbled up and everything is a drizzle of laughing moments once again. Crazy life really.

And I'm grateful to realize that ye'..I've done a major brave thing....Well' two....One is - I'm driving again..( clap! clap! clap!) It's been quite a while since I've been behind the's quite liberating to "not be so scared"...Driving in!...

Another brave thingy' for me is that I actually...actually..attended my first yoga session last Friday! I didn't just imagine and plan..I actually did it!! I met new people too! Whoohee'!! Stepped out of me' comfort zone to dare streeeeetch ( shucks' it wasn't easy) and talk'. It may not be such a big deal to others..kinda' funny lame really if you think about it..but it's something for me.

Another week is coming.....There's this zingy' staticky' energy of excitement in the I'm getting a sweet surprise or something really nice....Makes me giddy' wonder what other nifty new things the coming days have in store for me.

And you too!

Hmm' wonder.....wonder.....wonder...


Lydia said...

Hello Luxie, We all have days where we just blow up. I think it's wonderful that you attended your first yoga class. You'll just love it. Yoga is so good for your well being. I do yoga often. It will also make you become quite limber if you're not already. The great thing about yoga is that it's not only so beneficial physically, it also centers and grounds you spiritually, mentally and emotionally as well.

Anonymous said...

I did attend a yoga class a year ago. I'm not in a class now, but I do some yoga alone when I feel I need it.

I plan to run a marathon this summer. I must be quite limber then.

I hope your coming week will be full of nice excitements.

foam said...

..and that's just it ..
if you are like a dormant volcano..
then at times the top has got to blow..
i know that mine does.
..and it's okay, although the negative residual energy can linger for a while.
and that's where the yoga comes in.
i really need to go back.
have a great week, luxie.

LADY LUXIE said...

Lydia: Hello there:> Yes, I so agree. I am planning to take this yoga journey quite seriously. I think I will really benefit a lot from it. Oh' and I do need to be limber..sigh'...

Eris: Hello again! I also do yoga alone at home. I have the "flow" series and I try to follow the poses. Being new to everything I somehow find it difficult to breath and catch up with the poses with my eyes glued on the screen. This is why I am thankful to have found a nice place to do this with other folks.

Good luck on th marathon...How exciting!

Foam: Yes...I know about that negative residual energy..It is still with me....sigh'..

X. Dell said...

I have this photo of you behind the wheel of an automobile, part of which I posted in one of my recent collages. It didn't occur to me that you don't drive.

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

I haven`t driven for well over a year but once or twice. Glad to hear you`re back in the saddle. I`1l wait until all this nasty snow is away.
It will be a mess of flooding if it melts too fast. Heard Toronto has spent 7 million dollars plowing this winter! It`s getting so that there`s really nowhere to put all this snow.


Jac said...

Me too wonder !! What next luxie ?

Gillian said...

Good girl attending yoga class!
And driving again!
Don't worry, we all blow our tops every now and then. We are human. We are women. We are entitled. Never forget that.

david santos said...

Really very nice, Lady Lux!
Thank you.

Amber said...

Great about the yoga and the driving!

We all lose our cool from time to time. In fact, I think sometimes it happens when we try too hard to be calm and Zen and ignore or gloss over our stressful feelings. Then they just erupt! The trick is finding ways to deal with the stress/anger/frustration at the time in a productive way and then genuinely let it go. When you find that magic formula, let me know, okay? LOL

Oh...and during PMS, all bets are off. :-)

..................... said...

hope your week has been as you hoped for. have a great weekend, luxie ..