Monday, April 14, 2008

What Mama World Needs

pie below is a "mushroom and steak pie" from Bag of Beans. It is always served straight from the oven, piping hot and oozing with glory. Funny I remember having a taste of it the day after we watched Sweeney Todd..he! Had Johnny Depp in all his gory in mind when the pie was served. One whiiiiff of this particular pie though and all my fantasized fears went pffffft!

Oh, speaking of Bag of Beans, it has an interesting beverage called "Coffee Alamid". If I'm not mistaken, it is the most expensive and best tasting ( according to published reviews of course..I dunno' really..depends I should say..haven't tasted....yet) brew in the world...costs 300 US dollars per kilo.

This rather interesting coffee comes from a bean (?) found in the droppings of the Philippine Civet ( some sort of nocturnal wild cat I wouldn't wanna' come across with even if it is a high society walking breathing coffee maker...yeeeks!...I can just imagine it asking..."would you like to go Vendi or Grande?"..hee! hee! hee!)

Welp, the beans are filtered, dried under the sun for some days ( I have no idea how long) then roasted for 7 hours. Some swear to the goodness of it all. Know what?...maybe...juuuust maybe I'll try it one of these days....yah!

Snooks..wasn't really going to talk about coffee cats..Dunno' how I got there. I was really thinking of food.

I know I've gained weight..I know I have been indulging..I know also too darn painfully well that we, over here, are having some sort of food crisis. It is not lack of food per se..only everything is becoming wildly expensive..faaast! I was in total shock to find how little three thousand pesos worth of grocery is. I used to have about 7 bags for the same amount just a month ago. Last Saturday I came home with 5!! Shuuuucks'...I didn't even get the expensive stuff like cereals and Australian chicken ice cream. Five bags good for just a little more than a week...sigh.

And'..rice has skyrocketed! We are experiencing a shortage of rice here and that is soooooo baaaaaad. For us Filipinos, not eating rice is tantamount to not eating anything at all. I luuuv' rice. I cook it in different fact I bought a kilo of brown organic which I intend to saute' with chicken and carrots and raisins...I can live on rice and roasted tomatoes and still be completely happy. This whole world rice shortage is not good at all.

You know, if you're holding a sandwich right at all that is edible..just smile and whisper a silent "thank you". That's some sort of a good vibes whisper to the Universe...'s just hurting... this world we live in...

maybe it wants to be noticed..appreciated....and um'....a thank you from everyone who is about to bite onto something delicious could be just the healing soothing prayer this exhausted Mama World needs.

* Collage Rice Photo
* Other Photo: Adobo ( cooked it me'self)


SJ said...

Hey how are you doing? Not been here a while. And those pics make me hungry :)

cathy_bythesea said...

lux, your adobo looks so yummy! and yes, I agree a thank you and a prayer is what the world needs. life is becoming so hard and all the more we need to count our blessings.

Lydia said...

Hello Luxie, I think the price of groceries is going up everywhere. Every week I notice a few things slowly jacking up at my local grocery store. Your dish looks delicious. I love rice based meals. I could live on rice and veggies and be completely happy too!

Darlene said...

you are so right!!!

mama earth does need appreciation
your food looks yummy *tummy groan* and the coffe sounds...interesting ;)

Rice (yum) and I am so upset about the rising price of food these days...scary even!

love to you sweet lady,
:) darlene xo

X. Dell said...

I just finished a cookie before coming on to your site, so my thanks has to be in retrospect.

We're undergoing noticable inflation here too, but not because of a shortage, per se. The value of our dollar is shrinking. Your currency, though, seems to be shrinking a bit faster than ours if you can measure the difference in only two weeks.

That Coffee Alamid doesn't sound like a beverage. At $300 a kilo, it sounds like a drug. I can see sleazy guys selling it on street corners as we speak.

ThursdayNext said...

Those photos make my mouth water! I just read how food prices are soaring everywhere, Foam. Lets hope the next President gets us back where the world economy needs to be. Aside from that, the coffee drink sounds faboo!