Thursday, May 01, 2008

Prism's Place

As the sun slowly creeps in from the horizon to bask my room in blue, I breath in this moment to welcome you to my new site.

Not quite done yet though, but getting there. Do join me. Thank you.

The new blog:

The Navigation Website:


Paul said...

Looks good!

- Paul

Merelyme said...

oooh you have a new site?

Jac said...

The moment I entered there, I felt at home and I wrote a comment there. I was not sure then, but now I am.

How are you doing Lux ?

Da Pixie said...

Hey Lux!!! I'm Mayden's girl, and she's told me a lot about you! She really enjoys your blog, and from what I've read, so do I!

Anonymous said...

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