Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Me' Paraiso en El Pueblo

It wasn’t what we planned for a 17th year anniversary celebration. There was this grandeur mapped out hype of hiking off to Bora or to Gallera for some diving, midnight skinny dipping and ogling in the sands. As it is, of course, the unexpected occurs…overseas clients coming in at the most opportune time…and we had no choice on the matter. Jet set or lose the foreign investors? We may be weary, but we aren’t demented. Money talks...and smiles.

May seem like a simple minded decision to make but in this cut throat dog eat dog survival of the fittest and meanest world I live in, logic dictates that business…yes, business comes first

…Have you heard of Gugu though?


Gugu is the proverbial happy go lucky - I know everything kinda’ guy….36, balding, needs to work out….desperately, talks a mile a minute about any conceivable or inconceivable topic, very friendly, open, funny, accommodating. Went off to Boracay with the wifey ( Sue Ann) there after being sent to Germany on a company mission. His personal feel dictates that since he wasn’t able to take Ann to Germany with him, then it was only reasonable to give in to her whiny whims of vacationing in paradise.

Nothing wrong really except that, Gugu, our dear friend, left a tangled selection of unfinished business in the home office. And since, he and the beloved hitched a ride on a FedEx plane courtesy of an accommodating Fed manager, it was also logical for him to get bumped off the ride home in favour of more pending important cargo.

Meaning, home office was seething for his presence because of a major bubu left undone, and there he was feigning high blood pressure ( that’s the reason he gave his boss to explain why he was stranded at Bora but we happen to know the real deal here….) to get off the hook. He called up last night hoping me Hubz’ could spare some space for him in his ( me Hubz’) MIS division….uh’ oh!....Poor Gugu…seems like the hook he was attached to got reeled in…

He ‘s fried..real crisp!

So, no Island hopping for me and zee’ Hubz. Instead, we spent the eve of our anniversary with the kids…Had this buffet dinner and watched a movie…something theatrically grand called Ice Age 2. And we laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed….and when we couldn’t laugh anymore, had coffee at Go Nuts…. the Hubz…the kids…and me.

Spent hours lounged in bed the next morning….then we drove to Greenhills for lunch….just Hubzy and me...went Korean. And we talked and we talked and we talked and held hands and kissed then held hands then kissed….And when we crossed the street he held my hand once again and we kissed in the side walk and he told me how much I meant to him and that he would do everything he could to bring me here and there and buy me this and that…someday soon…..And he told me how much he loved that I brought up the kids the way I did…and on how….he knew things would get better…And he told me how he appreciated that I held on and on and on…through change of tide and what not’…and then.......

We drove to El Pueblo and had a simple cappuchino…..and sat there outside al fresco…beneath the swaying Japanese palms….And right in front of us where two young lovers dressed in jeans and tees’ sharing a banana mocha frappuchino ( with caramel I suppose) who kept on smooching each other…and we shared a smile in the knowledge that we were that young…once…when we met…and smooched so shamelessly as well…

And he listened to me…and listened….to whatever I had to say…..And there was a lot…I had to say….and more…

And that night we opened the chilled french wine at home…..and talked some more….and made love so late in the evening….….and it was wild and free and perfect…..I’m sure the backdoor neighbour knows….

And when he finally leaned on his side staring into my eyes he said I was beautiful…much more than when he first met me….

And I looked into his eyes and smiled…..and we held hands…….

And I believed him….


Guess……the little paradise I wanted there……..was with me all along…….

“Didn’t even have to hitch no ride on a Fed Ex plane….................ye!”


schaumi said...

Sounds like ya'll still smooch out there in the open even after 17 years.
And, yes, sometimes Paradise is right there in our backyard.
Seriously though, sounds like you have a very sweet 'hubz'.

PS: And I did enjoy that picture you posted of you and your niece upstairs :)

X. Dell said...

Aw, it's a shame you didn't get to go island hopping to celebrate. Nevertheless, happy anniversary.

Perhaps the "hube" and you can get some vacation time together in the not-too-distant future?

Mayden's Voyage said...

Oh...so lovely. We go through mountains and valleys don't we...I guess all long term relationships do. I am so glad yours is at a peak right now, especially with all the changes you are going through.
Our 17th anniversary is this year too...in July. I have no idea what we'll do, but I think I'll drop a hint that we need to start planning something soon! :)
Happy Anniversary! :)

Lady Lux said...


hee!hee!..you got that right...still smooch in public..love the stares..nya!a!a!..happy you liked the pics..:)


yaaaowww..it was a shame...but...i'm still hoping we get to go sometime ...somehow...someway...in the not too distant future...sigh!


mountains and valleys and hills and thunderstorms and hail...everything!...I'm enjoing the peak now...posted it so when me Hubzy and I reach a bit of a low..I have something concrete to remind me of the high...

AND..let me be the first one to greet you a happy anniversary!..:)