Thursday, January 04, 2007


AS IF...

I can actually...actually...actuAAALLLY make it happen!...

I WiLL NoT siiiimply NOOOt torture myself with reso...reso...gaa..gag..caiiin't even saaay the wooord....soooooo...I won't! yeehah!..

Instead..I'm gonna' focuz on something...
aha!...something I can do!!!....

This year..this fantastic year of 2007...I, Luxie dee' doo' pwwwwomise...aiind do soooo solemnly swear to do the following:...eherm!


I pwoooomise to eat a slice ( or 2) of moist chocolate cake with oozing caramel insides once a month!!

( and share with someone as well..)

NO 2

I pwooomise to watch NARUTO ( Japanese anime) with my sons!!

( with pizza...)

No 3

I pwoooomise to have a facial once a month...and a massage ( Thai or Swedish) too!

( and tweat my Hubz to one as well..)

No 4

I pwoooomise to say hello to the maya birds and pigeons and sparrows and blue jays out my terrace door every morning!

( then kissin' smack me' Hubz in the lips and hugz dee' kiddo's even if they roll their eyes..)

No 5

I pwooomise to buy another pair of boots...and Levis jeans....

( and be fit enough to wear them...)

No 6

I pwooomise to buy a new set of water color and pastel crayons..and paper...

( ....and scribble dee doodle for something on me' wall...)

No 7

I pwooomise to have a full moon party..

( and invite me' friends all around..)

No 8

I pwooomise to sip a lot of coffee and my terrace garden..

( and smile while doing so...)

No 9

I pwoooomise to look up into the sky at least 3 times a day and say..."hi!"...

( somebody smilin' down at me...lives there..)

These are the only things I can pwooomise to do this year!


Mr Q said...

Hey Ate. Salamat for visiting while I was out. Best wishes for all days ahead since the other days have passed, for you and your loved ones.
I had the time of my life on P-land! If I only get the time to upload so many pics. I cried when reading "Mi Ultimo Adios" in the old walls, it ripped my heart out.
Ate a lot of Aristocrat chicken, rambutan in Aklan and I have to stop there because I would never finish.
Thanks to the PNation for being so welcoming, beautiful, like the people that gives birth to and for allowing me to enjoy a share of it.

ThursdayNext said...

I am holding you to these, Luxie! What beautiful promises you make...

Susannah said...

sweet pea, i'd love to join you for that full moon party :-D xo

SJ said...

It ain't gonna be that simple so best of luck!

What's a maya bird please post a pic of one someday will you?

Sue said...

LOL - No 1 and No 7 are two that I am looking forward to. Just let me know when - It was an open invitation, right?

Mr. Althouse said...

I like numbers seven and nine. I think maybe I can do that too!


butterflygirl said...

Number three for me. They all sound great!

X. Dell said...

Pizza and anime might not be the best combination for me, but if it works for you and the kids, more power to you.