Thursday, May 17, 2007

Peaceful Lines and Tranquil Curves.

" A Corner of me' HoMe"

A special hello to "Bardouble29" who peeked in a few hours ago
( yep'..have taken that cool shower here!).

I just came from the supermarket and went straight to fixing lunch for the kids. I can feel my days starting to clamor one after minutes tugging for attention and my seconds raring to go.

Hah! I am going to be quite the busy bee'..more than usual in the coming coming days. Somehow, I'm trying to psyche me' self for that.

Question can I maintain calmness and serenity inside and outside in spite of the hectic pacing of going - ons I am deluged with.

" Tranquility "

(If only everything around me were as peaceful and tranquil as this spot...)

Yesterday, I was reading a book (something about Quantum Physics) that explained how I should always be alive to everything that is going on around me. And that whatever is happening in my meatspace reality is somehow caused by me....and that even a slight change in the way I think or the way I do something will affect not just my life but the whole matrix of the!


( This picture represents how I would like my work to blend peacefully with all areas of my life)

It's quite a heavy read and I'd have to come back to it one more time to really understand some of the concepts explained there. In short though....what I understood was that..the peace inside me..contributes to the peace of everybody.

I think peace is something I'd have to decide for myself on a daily basis too.

It is so easy to let go of it. Just a messy clutter of clothes or jumbled piles of plates or ringing phones or mountains of reports to be made can kill peace away...

" Lines and Curves"

And this is what I am afraid ov'...that peace would fly away once I start heavy on this work I have to do.

So this last pic sort ov' represents the clean lines and easy curves I really want to make. And I'm telling myself to be believing of me...that I can be peace...that I can make it...that I have strength inside...

I will be kind to myself.

I will take the time to be quiet later in the afternoon...
to be thankful...
that what I ask for is already here...


" I have one small drop of knowing in my soul
Let it drop in your ocean.."


Bardouble29 said...

mmmmm, nice hot shower, sounds quite lovely right about now.

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

Hi Luxie :) Love your post and pictures. That is something that we both posted the same time about the little girl! Hopefully enough prayers will bring her back somehow. Have a lovely weeknd. Its here soon.


*ItkUpiLLi* said...

WOW Luxie, incredible fine post. I’m so happy you wrote this. Our thought is energy and we should make this choice every minute, what it is what we really want. Just manifest love, trust and mercy. It’s also interesting how the science has come to this inclusion little by little. I’m come back, but I wanted to say something right a way. You are so delightful!

david santos said...

Thanks for Madeleine!

foam said...

what these images have in common that you posted is harmonious design.
we things are in harmony with each other we can feel at peace. visual harmony, mental harmony, auditory harmony, relationship harmony....
it's all important..
peace, friend..

foam said...

when things are in harmony....
i meant to say..
sometimes those fingers of mine run too fast over the keyboard..

exskindiver said...

hi lux,
hope you are feeling better from the cramps.
also, i understand this desire for the peace and tranquility.
it must be your calm before the storm.
a few posts back i remember you were about to move.
moving whether it is in the same neighborhood or to an entirely different area is always a huge undertaking.
i agree with how you relate it to science and attitudes
but sometimes the urge to give in to curling up into a ball wins over getting a hold of oneself.
you know something? once in a while can't be a bad thing. after all both positivity and negativity take energy--and energy does require rest.
(i am making myself feel better about my own inertia)
this made me think. thanks.

alison said...

is that really the corner of your home? wow! so colourful, me likies.

which book are you reading? i would love to get "divine matrix"-gregg braden but imported books are so expensive here :(

uh huh, i'm trying to find peace within as well, trying to find 'me'.

Sue said...

Your home looks wonderful - so colourful, bright and cheery! Hope you kept calm throughout the day.

The search for Madelaine still continues .....

kate said...

funny the psychic that did my 'reading' the other day told me that she studied Quantim Physics and that it explained to her how she could have the gift she does... perhaps you can explain it to me! hehehehehe

I wish you were coming to the blogger summit next week! I would love to meet you! It looks like my trip to Asia is being put on hold (I just dont think I will be up for it after traveling with my dad for 2 weeks in Europe) I am sure I will get there though since my spouse goes all the time! So someday I think you and I might just meet! =]

Anyway hope you are having a peaceful weekend! I kept thinking though that if the world was truly all peaceful... it would be very boring! I think I would hate it! lol