Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Sailing AwAy Bridges


This is going to be boring.

And if you happen to be reading here I'm sorry.

All this is a breathing out of my feelings...yes feelings that have wavered from anxiety to woefulness to close panic to just..right now.... plain heart rendering heavy. All this load seem to be converging in my upper back and an imaginary block of cement is weighing my body down.

I should be excited to move..This prospect of change is something I have welcomed..However, the incidents of the past days, particularly yesterday, have obscured whatever preppitty looking forward I have. Right now, just the mere thought of having to fulfill errands is a mudsling..I dunno'..maybe if I have this late breakfast I was planning to have instead of still typing here it would help..I just felt I needed a form of here I am...raw and vulnerable.. basically not saying anything worth anything....

.... like having to cross a bridge...only not knowing where it is...wanting instead to sail away.... if but for a day...


Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

Aw....hope you`re feeling better Luxie and that you find the house of your dreams :)


alison said...

being raw and honest about one's feeling is absolutely beautiful, we are humans with emotions after all. takes great courage to share with the world. so i say, thank you for sharing your inner feelings out in the open! and you know what? there are many people out there who wants to share their love with you, so by being vulnerable, you give us the opportunity to send loving thoughts to you! :) thank you again.


take care you
*giving luxie a hugsy*

she said...

is it saying good-bye to your lovely terrace? wherever your next home is it will be filled with life and love and good food. not to worry sweet lux. it will be a marvelous adventure.
and endless errands is a cement block to me as well.

sending you a *wag*

X. Dell said...

(1) Actually, you're saying that you're still here.

(2) This move seems to be taking away some of your energy. Moving a small apartment is difficult enough. Moving from house to house takes stamina. Moreover, this is the second time you've done it within a year.

Just think, during the time I've known you, you'll have lived in three places. Hopefully, you'll be able to rest in the third one.

groaning bubble said...

....just the mere thought of having to fulfill errands/ogligations is a mudsling...
in times like that...
i shut down bloggy..


LADY LUXIE said...

Tea: Not exactly house of my dreams but cute enough...and I do feel better..thank you!

Alison: You're beautiful words truly uplift..thank you so much.

SHE: nice to see you..yes and especially to my fave part of the house...thank you..

X:DELL: it is tiring..oh' yes..

Groan: signing off for the meantime as well..glad to see you all in bubbles!