Monday, June 04, 2007


I had a most fantastic weekend!..Started with that absolutely wonderful Friday night dinner sloshing on through the Sunday..I'm preparing a photo album of everything...all the fave pics I took..I wish I could write more but I just came home from the mall and need to prep dinner real fast.I'll get back to this some time's a little me hee! hee!hee!...Hope everyone had a jolly sweet weekend..and a blast of a week to come!..Will be back..till later! :>

Yeeehah!!!..Oh' I got it Cora!..just got back from the post office and I am looking so traaa! laa! laaa! grand in your beautiful beautifully made scarf!..Ooooh...I can't wait to model it hee! hee!..

This will fit me to a tee...everybody's gonna' ask me where I got it he!he!..And the Narnia book of quotes and the pens and the sweet card..all colored this drabby rainy afternoon with a double rainbow!!..Thank you oh' so very much!!!...

And here I am back...wasn't able to make good on the yesterday I caught up..Today the kids went back to school so I had the peaceful chance to freely enter their domain...snoooks to high heavens for this...Rained in the afternoon..thought it would go on but then thankfully it stopped so I was able to go for a few errands and picked up the package Cora sent...

It's back to busy busy bee life so let me just get a cool glass of h20 then I can settle back here to reminisce...


I never got to sit back!..Dwats!..It's almost ten pm here and I just noticed that I think I deleted the first post I did while in the process of updating this post..then I grabbed a glass of water..then a beeep...beeep....came from outside....the I opened the gate...then the whole family came in...then the dog started yelping..then there was another knock..then it was the neighbor telling me to come to her house with the whole family in half an hour coz' they have a surprise party for their 82 year old mama...then I went to the party...and ate a lot...then I had coffee and a panini...then I saw this....hee!hee!...Then I have to sleep right now...then I have to wake up at five...then I will come back here!


foam said...

well, hElloooooo there, luxie..
you look mighty fetching and happy.
what kind of camera is that, btw?
glad you had a mahveluuuus time.
i actually found a couple of bathing suits yesterday that look halfway decent on this 47 year old body. now thAT was my acccomplishment....besides finding a bathing outfit that looks decent on my 83 year old mother.

i'm looking forward to your pictures of the farm. it so much looks like a magical place .. a peaceful place.

foam said...

ps: hope you ended up using the right toilett..
using the wrong toilett could be /err/ not right!

X. Dell said...

You're blogging up a storm. I'm having difficulty keeping up with you. Last night, I typed in this long resonse to your last four posts, when all of a sudden the power went off. I figured I'd post the same message again, but lo and behold! There's another post here.

A dress up dinner sounds like a special occasion, and I'm glad you had a great weekend. In fact, I'm happy to know that things are going well for you--despite the move and the job.

Sue said...

You sound so positive and much more joyful, than the last time I popped over - your weekend sounds perfect. Looking forward to seeing the pics.

HLiza said...

Wow..whos' that gorgeous lady?

Bardouble29 said...

So glad you had a fantastic weekend, and I can't wait to see some of your pictures.

Jac said...

I sense the joy and that is something very very valuable.

I dunno if I am the only male coming here, but then this is my compliment to you that you look very pretty.

Thanks for the lovely comments in mine.

Sharm said...

good work

have a nice day ..

MentesSueltas said...

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foam said...

you made me dizzy..

Mayden's Voyage said...

Hugs friend...glad you got it!
Hope you have a beautiful weekend.
Hubs and I will have some quiet time together from Friday until Tuesday- the kids with Granny, and he is off fri-Monday.
Hugs and love to you and yours- gawd...I wish we were closer. No one (other than me) would have loved K9 more than you! :)

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Luxie. Thanks for visiting my blog and sharing some encouraging thoughts about my son's first day in school.

You have a lovely site and look forward to reading more. You certainly have a sweet smile.

It seems a hard habit is hard to break. It's 2:58 am. Need to go to bed. I'll be back to read more.

Take care and enjoy the rest of the weekend.