Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I reckon the Bloggy Award

"Be content with such things as you have."
: Hebrews 13:5 NKJV

Thank you again HLIZA for the Creative Blogger ( gal') Award you gave me!

The cat painting below was actually for you..Should have come with a cutesy poem I made up years ago for my boys, but I was in such a rush so couldn't get to that. I will after this one "thank you" post to you...


That was so dear and I am absolutely smiling satisfied here...like a' purring she feline licking me' own glossy fur....Only of course I ain't got no fur(s)..and even if I did...(have fur....furs) ...I doubt if I would take to licking it..( uck'..).

Will have to have a....aw' geepers' dee doo'....whatevah' (?) am I ranting about so early in the morning after the stormy week!!

Forgive me...I haven't had breakfast yet but am' holding thAt cup'a coffee ( in the pic ) and a cheese sandwhich...which I really shouldn't you know...eat...

Because according to this svelte looking lady on tv... cheese is loaded with stuff that clogs the arteries...( uh'..yeah'...soooo..) and ventricles that make blood flow through the whole of me, and if I indulge me'self with cheese pluuuus the freshly pasteurized creamy whole milk I intend to "osterize" with a cupful of puuuure cocoa topped with heavenly cream and drippy drizzles of golden honey syrup....

UUUuuuuuh'....ecstacy...taaaaste ecstacy!!.....



Shouldn't ....shouldn't .......Shooouldnt!!...

Shameless....sinful blatant milky wanton thoughts I'm having!!.

Shiiiiaaame on meeh!...must repent...must...repeEent!...Change my ways...Save me.


I was supposed to post dramatic here...Like really make sure my words are "eloquent" and "soulful" and expresses my "innermost thoughts"...(I just read a sweet pea post that brought tears to me' eyes...and so I said to myself, "now if I could only write like that..." )

Well...snooks....I reckon' this is as inner as my thoughts can get right now...Which is pr'bly cuz' of all that Huckleberry Twain reading I've been doing since the skies poured over here...( that and the DVD marathon..and all the pancakes I've cooked...)

Ah'...but am' back to bloggy bloggy' doobee'and what a relief!...( satisfied sigh...twinkling eyes:) And so to pass the award..here are the fab five lovely creative bloggy people that inspire me every single day...

"tana tanath..tnaaaahh!!!...( opening sealed stamped golden envelope )

1. Amber
( thunderous clapping..)
2. Alison
( thunderous clapping..)
3. Foam
( explosive clapping..audience overhelmed with emotion...some faint..)
4. Jac
( thunderous clapping..)
5. Roxanne
( thunderous clapping )

ps: um' maybe some have the award already..but even so...
links to follow ( am kinda' slow..sorry..)

pss: I like the word "reckon"...
Haven't heard anybody here use it...I only get to read it in books...and yeh'..except of course in the movies...reckon...reckon..reckon...reckon....ah'..what a word....Here's me' dowgie coming toward me...I reckon' he'll like the word as well!!

psss: I am NOT happy with blogger right now. It doesn't want to change font colors...will not allow me to alter paragraphs...I try..and try..and try..and everything just ends up looking the same...hrrrmph..


foam said...

wow, another blog award for moi.....
and she faints away....plop...head hits the carpet...
well, i reckon i won't faint away. need to get ready to head on to work..

X. Dell said...

Yay Foam, Yay Roxanne.

Lux you have good taste in award giving. And HLIZA has good taste in choosing you.

Don't worry about being eloquent in your acceptance speech, though. No on is.

Gillian @ Indigo Blue said...

Congrats Luxie! You creative cheese eating doll you! And congrats to all of your awardees too...I will go check them out.
Much love,

foam said...

how rude of me..
i forgot to congratulate you on receiving the creative blogger award in the first place...

kate said...

I recken that those are great choices! =] lol I never hear anyone saying that either (and truly I am glad! hehehe) Its much better in writing!

Good form you to have gotten this award! I like your cat painting!

Are your kids back in school yet? Mine began Monday! =]]]]]]]]

Have a great day!

Arch said...

Thanks for dropping by at my blog.
You have a very nice blog here.

Will drop by:-)


Amber said...

Wow, I'm blusing! As Elvis would say, "Thank you, thank you very much!"

And as for the cheese...egads, I've been trying so hard not to eat it lately...Cheese and peanut butter (not together) are my two favorite foods. They are not kind to the figure, though!

HLiza said...

You're most welcome dear..and I really feel you truly deserved it.

Mayden' s Voyage said...

Hugs, glad you are ok...kudos on your award :)
My kids go back to school next week- whew...
been a long fun summer.
I am ready for fall :)

Hope you have a great week :)

alison said...

congrats you!
and thank you.
come back soon! miss ya posts girl!

Hann said...

You certainly deserve the creativity award, you are such an artiste *read with French accent*
How are you Luxie, I haven't been over in a while ... sorry matey.
I just caught up on all your posts I missed and loved them all.
Hmm cheese, good source of protein, that should be excuse enough *hear wicked laugh*.

alison said...

*hippity hop hop*
OoOoo... award? me? *curtsey*
thank you *hugs*

i wasn't quite sure it was me you meant, dunno how many alison that you know... heehee!

Jac said...

Thank you so much, luxie !

I extend my congrats to all those who are in the list.