Friday, August 03, 2007

Not Just Still

"Pleasure in moderation relaxes and tempers the spirit."
- Seneca

I won't talk about it just still.
It was too haunting.
It was too real.

Last night I woke up crying. This has never happened to me before. Yes...definitely, it has been some time since I've had a real dream. One wherein I can distinctively feel every emotion...Everything in color...Words clearly heard....

Reality on a different plane.

Puzzling because I wasn't stressed...
The Hubz was even teasing me about the whipping cream mile high of moisturizer I lathered on my face...Was about to plant a kiss on my petroleum jellied lips when he hollered...."Egaaads..what's that on your face ???!!.."..

"I"m rejuvenating my skin cells if you should let me be...I'm doing this because I love you......It's a sacrifice!" was my annoyed curt answer.

That was about the last statement I gave met by incredulous shaking of head and muffled laughter...

So you see..I was okay before sleeping...No reason for sad movies to go reeling in my dreams...but it did. Maybe next week I'll write about it. Not now. It's a weekend and I want to bloggy' end happy.

Tomorrow ( a Saturday here) I intend to indulge myself in pampering. I figured I don't need expensive facials or scrubs...My room is spacious..the bath inside is ample for steaming...sooo here's the plan:

  • Wake up at 5:45 shower, brush teeth, sunblock, tie up hair then prep breakfast
  • 6:10 Walk in the community zen park ( this is a cute park with lotsa' bonsais..take pics:)
  • 7:00 walk home ( sun too shinning already..)..have breakfast with everyone
  • 7:30 to 10 fix up home
  • 10:10 quick shower ( not hair)
  • 10:30 prep lunch
  • 11:30 serve lunch
  • 1:00 prepare stuff for face and hair ( honey, egg whites, oatmeal for scrub, olive oil, vanilla candles, baking soda, conditioner, nail polish...hmmm'....more to list later)
  • 1:30 wash hair then put on heavy conditioner..wrap in plastic cap
  • 1:50 steam face ( water in bowl with lemon)
  • 2:20 ( ash face and lather on pack)
  • 2:30 light yoga and meditae
  • 3:30 bath..wash hair...wash off pack with warm the body scrub with the oatmeal and olive oil or sugar with oil..or..whatever...
  • do my my feet...soak in warm water with baking soda and salt..scrub..rinse cool..put peppermint lotion
  • color my toes...white!!
  • lotion with lavender scent...
  • 5: 30 order dinner ( no way am I cooking now...)
  • 6:30 dinner
  • 7:30 to 8:30 night cap of coffee with Hubzzy'
  • 8:30 call for home massage for both hubbzy and me...
  • 9:00 expect Beth..with another lady...have soothing massage...
  • 11:00 snoozee'....
Ooooo..what a plan....what a plan!!..

Right now my son is begging for this computer so I will oblige.

Have a nice weekend everyone...stay safe...stay happy.


foam said...

ash face?.....oh, never mind...
i was gonna ask what kind of fancy thingy that was that i never heard of ...never mind.. it's early here.

and you can order massages for at home...
wow! i have yet to have a massage by a massage therapist..

the only thing i would recommend, luxie, is not to look at your watch too much.

ps: i'm sorry about your dream.
every once in a while i also wake up in a panic...only to sigh in reliefe when i realize it was a dream.

Mirror Me said...

can i come at 9pm then & join u 4 the massage? ;p. have a great weekend ahead dear n b safe.

alison said...

sounds goooooooood! me wanting to get meself a good massage too, but not this week. you have a wonderful weekend!

SJ said...

Felt like I was reading Macbeth :)

butterflygirl said...

Oh my...what an itinerary

foam said...

you are either in the midddle of eating dinner or ordering dinner by my calculations.
hope your luxie day went as planned.
you know, sometimes the best laid plans can go awry..

Mayden said...

Hope your day was as lovely, special, and joyful as you are~
And by George, I need to move to your side of the world!

X. Dell said...

So how did this plan work out for you?