Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Cupcakes for the Comments

How shall we expect charity towards others,
when we are uncharitable to ourselves?"
- Sir Robert Brown

Every single bloggy' soul who left a comment in my previous post should help herself/ himself to a choco cupcake. Oh' but even if you haven't left one...please do take a piece as a welcome or welcome back treat!

I read all the comments below. I read them slowly..and again..and again...and again. I pondered and thought and meditated on it the past days..Even in the car traveling here and there I had your words in mind. My Hubz read it as well..We discussed it and..... well..thinking kindness seemed to have been the theme of our lives lately. I'm trying to find moments to be kind to others...and to me as well.

Right now though this house of mine needs a kind touch. I've been away and there are plants to be watered and stuff to be put back in their proper places...the floor needs a sweeping and the cupboard tops a'dusting...sooo off I am to do everything. I'll be bloggy' visiting and responding to everything you said a little bit later.

I do wish you all a happy week.... and don't forget to smile...This world will be one big forest of kindness if we all do...

xo xo xo

Luxie doo'


Mirror Me said...

m i allowed more than one pc girl? its yummy n i want more. LOL
go spread some love & kindness now...s u certainly did for me ;p
be well.

foam said...

oh goody, nobody is here. i think i'm gonna eat all the cupcakes. (evil, sinister grin here).
but darn it .. i have that conscience sitting on my shoulder .. you know, sort of like pinochio's conscious. i guess, i'll play nice and share ;)
hope everything went find concerning your business meeting. did you end up hobbling on out?

Amber said...

Believe me, Luxie, just coming to your blog sends waves of kindness across the globe to your many readers. You are a special soul! Oh, and you make a damn good cupcake, too!

LADY LUXIE said...

mirror: I have more in store he!..G help yourself!

Foam: I saved a whole box just for you:>

Amber: Uuuu'..thank you :>>

butterflygirl said...

those cupcakes do look yummy

daisies said...

mmmmm yummy cupcakes : )

Carmen said...

Thank you beautiful lady Luxie!
Thank you for your precious comments in my blog!
I will treasure them forever!
Can I have your email address, please?
You can find mine on my blog profile.
You are an absolutely lovely soul!
God bless you!!!
Please stay in touch, if you don't her from me, please know that I am safe and the fires are away from me and my family.
Thank you forever!