Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Miss understood

For one reason or another I have been thinking quite deeply of women.

Kind of unusual I'd say because most of the time I think about everyday things that practically and directly fill my life. And the deepest core of my everyday life revolves around the nucleus of men...the three strong handsome men that make up my family...not forgetting Bushy, my dog, who also happens to be male.

But of course women link to my life in terms of extended relations and friendships as well. is of this that I am deeply thinking about.

...thinking how I have matured into the woman that I am as a result of my connection or disconnection to the women who affected the women around me. ....thinking how different I am in so many ways and yet how much of the same sister spirit I share.

Admittedly, my blogging life has significantly contributed to the evolution, shaping and solidifying of my personal views on..being a girl..a lady....a woman...a friend...a mother...a wife..a homekeeper... a confidant.....a sexual partner....totally on being this female human spirit which I am.

I have been ushered into garden after garden after garden of bravely honest thoughts and opinions and secret yearnings and learnings and of stories of victory that in light influence me to be as courageous and fearless as well.

Never before have I been more grateful for being a woman for
I have dined in graciously laden tables of wise feminine thoughts that otherwise would have been lost to me had I not been here...reading. Some thoughts were fancy...some a little intense....some made me roll over in laughter...some a silly giggle...some brought tears...some were scented potpourri lavenders of inspiration....and some were soothing enchantments of rose incense....

Every single letter, word, phrase, sentence I read opens up a pink petal bud of "knowing" for me of which I intimately divulged to my very best friend in the after glow moment of an afternoon love playing in bed...

"Sweetheart...Do you know why I don't want to go back there?..

They told us ( ladies) that it was through the weakness of a woman that sin gained entry into this world....and that we, women, are tainted with the weakness of judgment and should therefore never forget to seek humble guidance from God in all things...."

With one finger tracing the curve of his arm I remarked,
"What a logical thought..isn't seek guidance from God?...something which we should all take to heart...whether male or female..But the blame game idea that women caused the entry of sin..and that we carry some genetic walking weakness is something I can no longer accept as part of my belief.

No matter how anyone expertly words it to explain what the story...the tale.. is about...

or that I....of course...



X. Dell said...

I'm surprised that you ever accepted this. It's not only an irrational thought, but it's an excuse for bigotry and ahtred against women.

LADY LUXIE said...

X: Precisely. The concept was expounded in such a way and in what seemed at that time lovingly acceptable. I never really embraced it.

rebecca said...

Luxie: You have managed to express some of the very same sentiments I feel as a result of blogging. I have grown and continue growing due to the sage, spiritual, and inspirational writings I come across.

Thank you for articulating it so clearly. And, no, YOU did not misunderstand....instead, it is WE (women) that are misunderstood.

vineeta said...

Has anyone told you that you write brilliantly? If not let me do it. I know what it takes to write like you do. Perhaps it comes out smoothly in one gush, perhaps with a lot of thought and corrections & crafting. Either way you can't write like this if you aren't completely inspired. Mind-pounding-with-a-million-thoughts-&-words inspired. I-need-to-hit-my-comp/diary-NOW inspired. I feel good as a reader to come here, cause you respect yourself enough to write like this. By the same token you extend the respect to each one of us who comes to this space.
Women are strength & it takes a mature mind filled with love to acknowledge the same. In India the feminine archetype is called 'Shakti' which means strength. That's where we come from. But that doesn't prevent the rapes, the female infanticide or the domestic violence in this country.
But things are changing. We are coming to our own. Surely.

Carmen said...

Kudos to you!

..................... said...

even as a really young wee one, i always sort of thought that that sounded like a bunch of know, women being responsible for sin in the world.

i feel i've learned much through blogging, both from the women and the men. each in different ways.

and i know what you mean about being surrouneded by a nucleus of men in the household. i call it the nucleus of testosterone .. even our old cat was male. so, when i got a dog, i made sure it was female. ;)

butterflygirl said...

you always say things so well

LADY LUXIE said...

Rebecca: Welcome to my humble bloggy' abode. Thank you for your nice words..I have traveled by your place and will do so again in a few minutes to leave my comment to your very poignant posts.

Vineeta: SHAKTI..I shall remember that. Now I have a word for strength that describes women..thank you...and thank you even more for complimenting me about my writing...I love words and in moments of inspiration I write hoping that the pen ( in this case the keyboard) will breath my thoughts to life.

CARMEN: and to you as are part of those I read.

Foam: "A bunch of crock"..whew! I love how you said this!!..hee! hee!..

Butterfly: Glad to see you and thank you.

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

Great post!


LADY LUXIE said...

tea: thank you :>

Mayden' s Voyage said...

There is balance to the story... It may have been a womans weakness that allowed sin into the world-
but it was her grace and goodness that brought the Saviour. Her love and care that developed Jesus into the man he would become. Her milk that fed His body.
Her hands that held His and taught him how to walk~

And actually- that was the plan all along, as the story goes anyway :) It wasn't God who said women are did.

Beautifully expressed Luxie- it makes me sad to think of women all over the world feeling that their humility has more value than Grace.

Merisi said...

And there I was, always believing that is was man who was weak of spirit (or what was it, really? Love of apples?).

Could it really be that some (?) men over eons lived in the belief that woman, who after all were the ones who brought them into this world, were somehow weaker or less noble or less worth than themselves? Why did it take so long until women raised up against it? I think the world would be a much better place if there would not still be this believe that women need to be put in their place.

Amber said...

Oh, I so agree, Luxie. I am infuriated at religions and cultures who view women as the origin of sin. We are the givers of life and pillars of strength and love.

You always hit the most interesting concepts such a mindful, personal way. You enrich your readers' lives!