Tuesday, October 09, 2007


A healthy self image is seeing yourself as God sees you. No more..No less.-Josh McDowell

Ever had a smile attack huh? I live with this malady...Close to about a hundred smiles ( or more) on a good day..

Ooooh yes I know I will carry this curse for the rest of my days and waaay beyond...If I had a past life I dunno' what I did to deserve this...No matter how glum a situation be..or how upset I can get..one look at something that catches my fancy and a whole wide grin descends on my face. I can't help it. I walk the streets trying to look all so lady like grown up modern womanish... serious and dignified with this don't bother with me stance..then it hits...nobody can stop me.

Confession. Sometimes I smile...no..even giggle alone. Either it's because I see something funny, or recall a humorous incident, or remember somebody's funny comment that I do so.

Do you giggle alone as well?

Oh' but I don't ever giggle on account of somebody looking different or talking different or being different..or on account of somebody's mistake. My smiles and giggles don't work that way. I can't fake a smile either. I just can't.

I used to hold it with strangers around..you know...When I feel it coming I sort ov' suck in my lips making sure my upper teeth bites over my lower mouth so that the smile doesn't get to squeeze out. The consequence is a pained sort of weird look. A cross between appearing unsure and wide eyed frightened. Scary really.

Nowadays I just let me' go. If I feel a smile coming I smile...no matter where. I just make sure though that others don't think it's because of them that I do. Other than that I don't see anything wrong with it. I don't care much anymore how I'd come across in this world where a placid semi frown is more of the norm. Beside, I read somewhere that a smile buffs up your immune system and lowers your stress level. Even a fake one will work a bit..imagine that!
( A real smile will show your whole teeth and a part of your jaw plus crinkly crow lines..Without the crow lines..it isn't much of a smile I read somewhere...)

Stress can make one look ages older than reality. Welp'... that's a well known fact. Nothing wrong with aging but I'd rather that I do "age" carrying the gracefulness of a youthful smile...A smile makes one ethereally ageless while a frown is a dig in the grave.....yikes!

The greatest benefit of a smile I would say is that it builds, cements, and even heals relationships. Truly, isn't relationship the substance of our existence? The quality of our relationships nurture us into health .....into wellness. I'd go as far as saying wellness starts with a simple smile...even by yourself just for yourself....

Magic..magic..I always expect to see someone to smile to..or something to smile at..

Just a day ago I was walking our streets in search of cupcakes when I came across this kitty kat hiding behind this bonsai tree....I smiled and asked if kitty would please come out and talk to me.

It did...

Now I have this...A memory of a pleasant afternoon walk, and kitty, and the smile that let it all be. Funny but it seems the more I smile..the more reasons to smile cross my path...just like this cat.

Uh' oh'...dog knocking at my bedroom door...I've got to go...he is hungry...

Before I do...tell me..How many times did you smile today?

It's a smiling early Wellness Wednesday :>


Mirror Me said...

on the contrary...i dun smile enough or hardly. Ive got this look dat says "stay away"!..heheheh..cant help it, sometimes i didnt even realise it. Maybe I shud, smile more ;p ...its a gd therapy so i heard eh..;p

Anonymous said...

it's early tuesday morning ...
and hubby is a morning grump.
oh, heck i'm smiling slightly as I type. but it's your post that brought it on. :)
but for the most part i don't smile often enough.
come to think of it i don't think i've shown many smiles in the photos i've posted ... much less a smile with toothies showing.

i'm glad you smile a lot luxie. it means that your eternal spark is flaming brightly.

alison said...

oh yes i smile alone too, and to stangers sometimes when i am feeling oh high in the smiling mood! i smile whenever i see something that makes me happy, a cat, a flower, a silly bumper sticker. oh, i even think out loud sometimes, duh! and people would look at me...and i just smile back! :) and for today? oh many many times.

butterflygirl said...

Oh I just love to smile and giggle and laugh!!!!

atleastimgorgeous said...

Hi Luxie. Just wanted to say hi, and thank you for the kindest, most wonderful words ever said to me by a stranger. Almost made me cry. :-)

PS. Great blog you have here. :-)

Amber said...

The thought of you smiling so much makes ME smile! You are a strong, loving soul! My confession...I'm a laugh-snorter. Sometimes I laugh so hard I snort!

lunarmusings said...

Hmmm... how many times DID I smile today? What a great question! And as I sit here looking over my day I realized that in the span of a few hours today, while I was with my two sweetest girlfriends I smiled and laughed so much my face started to hurt.

Must do that more often!

vineeta said...

:) at the risk of being completely repetetive- I Love your posts! ANd Im grinning ear to ear. I so identify with what you said. Im a smiler. Always was & always will be. I have every intention of keeping it that way :) SOme of my friends say even when I write I use smilies as punctuation. like this :) And for those of us who cant wipe the smiles off our faces- I think we are good news to the world :) that has probably come out sounding terribly pompous- I dont mean it that way- But a smile is just the best thing to spread :)

exskindiver said...

you know luxie,
something you wrote a few weeks back is stuck in my head and i love it:
something about peace being the best