Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Writing while Sleepy

We had a long fun weekend and so frankly, I'm not yet in an uppity mood to start off a working week this Tueday morning over here. I have a string of stuff to do and have yet to start...maybe right after I've had my morning coffee. Right now it would be fun to recall a bit of what happened over the weekend.

So finally, my eldest son gets to continue his Taekwando lessons. Am not much into liking that because I'm afraid he might injure himself...Came to a point when I asked him why..why not choose a much safer sport like...um'..tennis...or basketball....But nope...he wants the kcking sport and since well..I know he is good at it anyway ( placed 1st in the university competition) and the rest of the family is all for it...then what else can mommy do but stand back and cross her fingers.

Last Friday my baby boy ( 16 but still my baby though don't tell him I said that) went to this costume party. I wanted to buy him a black cape to make him look all draculaish'..but he wasn't keen on wearing something like that. He wanted to come as himself (?) but I insisted that he at least wear some sort of mask...We found a really cute one...a strange looking dracula mask that takes on the personality of whoever wears it! Oh' I swear...we've all tried it on and each looked ghoulshly different...like it takes over the contour of a face...Snooks...brought out the vamp in me I'd say.

Welp' so me Hubz and I dropped him off at 3 Salcedo where the party was held and then of course drove off nearby for dinner. We saw this little cute Bombay restaurant and since I've never really had Indian cuisine before we decided to check it out. I was not diappointed!

Those fried hot potatoes were served as appetizers. We ordered something really spicy and hot and soooo delicious...shrimp in some sort of red sauce. Unfortuantely I don't have a pic of that. I was able to take a shot of the spicy mushroom in spinach. That was good as well. We also ordered some sort of pita bread ( chappati I think that's called) fresh off the grill..yuuuum'..Can't wait to go back!

The rest of the weekend was spent with a lot of eating...grilled chops last Sunday evening and ate in the garden...Also had a DVD marathon...loved Dinothopia (he! he!)....and a chinese movie about some emperor who was loonie in the mind and wanted to kill the empress...only the empress found out and decided to gather her army to start a revolt headed by her son....and gaaawd'...I forgot the title of the film..maybe later...but I tell you it was a story of one messed up family.

Am' still sleepy right now....but can't go back....things to do....I think I'll have that coffee now....then proceed with my day...You all have a sweet week ahead...and yep'..I declare so will I. ( Only I have to prep loot bags for at least 109 kids who will go trick or treating tomorrow...siiiigh)....


X. Dell said...

You know, those potatoes look pretty good, about now.

I played basketball, football, baseball, tennis and golf as a teenager. I also did Tae Kwan Do. Out of all of these activities, The last was the only one in which I did not sustain an injury.

It's also good discipline. My kudos to your son, for sticking with it, and for you for continuing to worry.

Amber said...

Okay, so now you're tempting me with delicious food photos AND you're making me want to pour a glass of wine while I chill to your bossa nova! Girl, you know where it's at! Sounds like a great weekend! You feeling better? You look very radiant in your photo!

Java said...

Hi Luxie,
sorry I've been such a slacker at reading, still hectic here and I wonder when things will calm down. After all the movin I'm now studying for exams again.
Yumeeee food!!
I just had a marathon read through all your posts that I've missed and again as always loved them all.
I just think it's very unfair that you have such a good body, says me fatty! LOL

Take care my friend.

alison said...

oh... i just had a very yummy indian vegetarian lunch too! it's one of my favourite restaurant. :)

you look super cheerful cutesie! :)

foam said...

mmmmmm, food looks yummy. we have no indian restaurants in our small town. we have to drive to the next city.

injuries can happen in any sport. if your son love tae kwan do, more power to him. and yes, as mama's we worry...:)

that red really suits you!

Jac said...

hmmmm. That was you there ? Have to admit the cuteness !LOL

The kids, when they grow up, refuse some of our fond gestures. Let them face it better alone, keeping us on sidelines to have an eye on them..

The food sure looks yummy !!

Next time when you are in an Indian restaurent try "Aalu Palak" or "Paneer Masala" which are veg of Potatoes and spinach and if you prefer non veg, the "Aalu Ghosht" will be nice.
I am still trying to dress up my room as you suggested. Will let you know the outcome soon with a pic.

Mirror Me said...

gorgeous luxie...yummy tatoes ;p

Rose said...

So fun to try different food! I'm not very experimental, but I did learn how to make kitcharee (now one of my fave all-time foods!) and pick up biryani from Trader Joe's to have to lunch. (90secs in the micro - tasty and spicy!)

Thanks for your comment regarding the fires; I found it so interesting to read your perspective if there were similar fires on your island. Opens my eyes to a bigger world view. Always good! Namaste

Rose said...
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foam said...

i'm here for my candy now....

Mayden' s Voyage said...

I think- on your dear little island, you have a better variety of foods than we do in the US!
(Or at least in NC)
Hugs- this was a treat :)

vineeta said...

Busy Luxie having Indian food! I almost missed that one. And I think if your son stands 1st in something he must definitely do more of it :) All the best to u & him :)

LADY LUXIE said...

So sorry it took so long to respond.

X: Yes, you are right. It is good discipline. But I worry still:>

Amber: Oh thank you for the compliment. I had to take down the bossa nova though because it wasn't playing right anymore. I'll have to put up something else.

Java: Hi there! Good luck on the exams. I'll be in touch.

Alison: I really enjoyed it!!! I will certainly go back!

LADY LUXIE said...

Foam: Thanks..perhaps I should buy more reds...hmmm...He went to his tae kwan do today siigh..

JAc: I will write that down and ask for it. I can't wait!..Will visit soon :>

mirror me: thanks..blush blush here!..Those potatoes were heaven!

Rose: I will write those down as well...sounds lovely! Thank you :)

Foam: I ran out of candy already sorry! I do have fried chicken on the stove right now...how about that? :)

Mayden: One of my life dreams is to visit your country and eat in as much restaus that I can he! he! I live quite in the heart of where everything is so there's quite a great number of choices.

Vineeta: hello! I've been missing your posts! You must he having a great time in London!!..Loved your photos:>

Sandy said...

Fun post to read and that food...looks good!