Friday, November 02, 2007

My Talking Spooky Boo' Teddy

I was not expecting my days to be this busy but busy oh' yes I am. It seems that the Universe is weaving its mysterious yarn of magical ways, and little threads of opportunities are stitching together to make my dreams come true. Undoubtedly, November is my mystical month of opportunity and for this I am graciously graciously grateful.

I love these pictures I took some time ago early this year. It was a spooky kind of night that March evening and I was wondering the streets alone, chilled and enveloped in fog. No, this was not in Manila.

I remember the deep silence all around me. I remember the creepy little feeling I had inside. I remember shivering in cold. I remember just standing in front of the street under the glow of that lamp wondering what on earth I would do if an apparition started floating towards me. Silly lady I was..I bet if lurking ghosties were indeed around at that moment, I must in turn have been the spookiest sight to them!

Since goblins, ghosts, and not to forget zombies ( yay for Foamy!) seem to be the theme of the week..then allow me to share a bit of what I believe. Yes..I believe in spirits. I might have seen some. Yes, I do get scared...but not as much as seeing a human being breaking into my home.

I have seen and sensed strange things as a child. Perhaps it could be attributed to my wild and zanny imagination. Luxie' gal kiddo' was a voracious story book reader of kingdoms and gnomes and faeries and magic kettle pots, as well as speaking and walking toys.

I read about apples trees and how a boy named Jack would mischievously climb it. I read of Roger with his red wagon and of Jane with her paper dolls. I read of towers and dragons and princesses. I read of Indians and teepees and cowboys and oh' I wanted to be one with my own high' ho Silver awaaaaay!!..Siigh...

However..of all the books I could get my hands on...I particularly loved the ones written by Enid Blython. I think, I must have read almost all. I was lucky to have gone to an old academy started by the Thomasites and at that time ran by the Maryknoll sisters. The library was always freshly stocked with imported books.

For me... those books were a magic carpet. The people and animals, along with the speaking kettles and pots I met within those pages were nothing less than absolutely..real. And yes, I too had secret magic powers.

Nobody understood why I read so much and it wasn't always encouraged. Ah' well, I guess because it got in the way of chores.

As I see it now all my readings gave my imagination a broader spectrum to roam. Perhaps so much so that one afternoon ( I was about 9 years old) I fancied my teddy bear talking to me.. wasn't really talking...more of "groaning'.

His name was "Boeing Boeing " and was big and expensive and a gift from some body who lived in Texas. Thus, my mama would just keep teddy locked up in her cabinet afraid to get him dirty. I couldn't always play with him. That afternoon though, for some reason, I was allowed to...but only for a few moments.

I was excited. I remember being alone in the room and just cuddling him when suddenly I heard a very distinct ."oooooooonk!"......ooooooooooooooohhhnk" groan escape from his throat. Boeing was burping! I faced him toward me and pressed his tummy...."ooooooooooonk" it went!!!

MAybe Boeing could really make those sounds and we didn't know it. Perhaps he had a machine inside with a battery.....perhaps....

I was soooooo wide eyed in surprise that I ran downstairs and showed mama.

"He can talk," I insisted.

And of course the predictable happened. I was told to stop my foolishness, he cannot talk, or groan or burp. He had no mechanisms inside and see he wouldn't even do it anymore no matter what I did. I was told to put back Boeing back inside his cabinet.

Unfortunately, that house of ours burned down when I was ten. Boeing was in it.

To this day I swear I heard him groan.

It's not just groaning teddy bears that I remember. When I was much much younger I recall seeing a pair of beautiful pale powdery white male hands slide through the panels of our antique piano and play by itself...

Also,one morning, in the bleary state of waking up, I fancied seeing a Pocahontas looking Indian girl sitting at the corner of my bed. She disappeared as in a mist right before my eyes. She could be my guardian angel. I always did pray to my guardian angel at nights..."angel of guardian dear...."

I have had other stranger encounters as I was growing up but I will keep those stories for some other time. They are a bit frightening....not whimsical nor cute.

For now I would just like to recall a bit of the silly me when I was a little girl. She seems to me much of a different she was me...but not me. I like her.

And of books...Oh' I believe books have spirits!!

I also believe that Luxie little girl had the spirit of those books within her. I believe that as a child they gave her a sense of wonder, a gift to see through the fog of not just being where she was...but farther.. .towards deeper dimensions where words came to life....

And now... here I am as Luxie' grown up me..... graciously grateful to realize that those book spirits still live within me.

In fact, they will stay forever! Because of this Luxie' will travel through life hoisted on a rainbow... keeping that silver magic tinder box...... only little girls possess.

For a change let us read to ourselves a fairytale adventure today!....
It is the lost fountain of youth....

and we really are...all still.... children!

Happy Halloween!..

Spooky boo!


X. Dell said...

One of the things I've always wondered is if we actually don't see what some call the 'paranormal' because it doesn't exist, or because the ability to do so is socialized out of us early because of post-industrial beliefs. I'm just thinking that perhaps a change of mindset, an intellectual regression, might get Boeing Boeing talking to you again.

The pictures are really moody.

HLiza said...


Once in boarding school I told a friend I've never seen a ghost, and since that night I kept seeing the image of a woman in white in and outside dreams..whaaa

..................... said...

we have a piano that's close to a 100 years old. i have to say i'm glad to have never seen it play on it's own.
however, perhaps i ought to ask my children. my youngest is, afterall, the child that has seen what he considers ghosts and aliens in our other house.

i was such a voracious reader as a child and teen. i also loved those fairly tales. and it was also not encouraged.

foam said...

i love the photos, btw. they are so great with this post.

LADY LUXIE said...

X: I don't see anything matter how I will it or ask to or try. I'm not easily spooked by ghost stories or watching ghostie films..mostly I laugh. I do recall however how real some strange things I have seen as a child and teenager was. And of do recall the story I often refer to about a co teacher hearing me in a place where I was not....That happened about 3 years ago...

Today the world is no longer easily spooked...we are however subjected to horror in the form of terror. Even the ghosts have hidden away in the face of this.

Hliza: You went to a boardig school?...coool!!...hee! hee! to the woman in and outside your dreams..maybe she heard you when you made your unbelief pronounment!...scary ah!

Foam : I grew up in a home that is lose to a 100 as well. It had a piano inside that was about the same age....looked like something out of a dracula movie...complete with candelabras on both ends...perhaps I watched something on film that had hands playing on a keyboard and projected it on that piano...I do luv' that I think I saw that! I bet my future grandchildren would be spooked if I were to tell them this stories!..ya!....

My youngest too claims to have seen ghosts in the former house we lived aliens though...Oh' but the oldest when he was about the same age said he saw a flying saucer...

about the pic..thanks..I like the way I took those pictures..not too clear though but mighy darky spooky he!he!

Sandy said...

These are GREAT pics. What a "feeling" you get while looking at them.

Enjoyed reading about your growing up in an old house.

Enjoyed readings others' comments about spookiness too! My house has always had a nocturnal visitor who smells like camphor, wears a plaid shirt and breathes like an old man. We just put up with him...haha.


ps thanks for your visit and comment.

david santos said...

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Amber said...

How interesting, Luxie! I always love reading your thoughts. The story of Boeing Boeing is so metaphorical...he was the creative side of you trying to speak, which perhaps was being squashed by rigid parameters. Thank goodness for your dear readers your creative spirit flourished nonetheless...and we enjoy its fruits here!