Monday, December 03, 2007

Cackle de' Coup

"Luxie Kiddo' 2"

So granted we Filipinos want change....Ey' who doesn't huh?!....The whole world needs a whiff of change...a tweak here..a nudge there...but come have to admit, the days of dropping everything and taking on the streets as we did for Marcos and Estrada won't work the hype now.

No. Not this way.

We're a new democracy in reality...just like a three year old wobbly hobbling here and there...We want change I repeat, but brandishing ammo and holing up inside a five star hotel voicing grave threats isn't really the idea of cool.

Yeah' we've got issues...serious...We call it morality and legitimacy...But the deeper conviction here is the protection of the constitution. You seriously think it would be "moral" to just kick out someone from his or her seat and grab it for your own....or hand it over to someone you think would do better?...Oh' gawd'...wouldn't that be one crook for another? Who's to say the next one would do better?..It's a damn if you do damn if you don't thing we have here...And snooks we say we haven't got a choice on the matter and that we have to stick it out with the current administration?..Thing is..we do..have a choice...Go through the right process..or go renegade.

Okay..let's say I, Luxie doodle doo' go yeehah' with the ones who want to oust the current lady...Wouldn't I be siding with terroristic actions?..My gaaawd'....dahling' me don'tz think terror fashion would look good on me...I mean, red bandana on the head?!....

The good thing about this is the fact that no one got hurt. Not a person bloodshed..It's one thing to "hurrah" for ...except of course we have this whole flinging of hurtful confusing accusations between the media and the rescuing military..the former accusing the latter of going against human rights violation just cause' the media guys were taken in after the siege for questioning. According to the men in uniform, it's SOP.

I dunno'...who's right or wrong here...but it was clear as day how they (media) were all begged by the rescuing men in uniform to please vacate the hotel so they could ( rescuing military) finish the negotiations and take on the renegades if need be...A great some refused and so they were there..seemingly in the way...and after everything was over, these media men were hauled off in plastic cuffs to the determine their identities...( if they really are who they are coz' some of the renegades were posing as media men)...Then they were let go a few hours after.

On the other hand, if those media men weren't there (inside the hotel that is..) wouldn't it have sparked a hell of a bloody ending??

Gosh' all these mess...If you ask me..all these people here should practice meditation and deep breathing and find their inner selves...

Yeah' we want change but you know..if each person just faces the mirror and tells his reflection that "you be the change you want to see"..then a whole lot of love will be whiffling around to pretty change this country as need be.

A sigh on an early Monday morning....

ps: Hi everyone..and thanks for the comments below..I'll be visiting slowly but surely. Have anice start of the week.


foam said...

under all this here cackel de coup, luxie de lou doodle doo talk, this here is a post that's asking tough questions..

i've been thinking about you and your family this weekend.

Mayden' s Voyage said...

"Be the change you want to see"-
Worlds apart- and you speak to my heart and soul with so much clarity.

I'm thinking of you- got your letter- your family is in my prayers.
Hugs "Luxie doodle doo~"

I would vote for you...

Amber said...

I'd vote for you, too! I am sure this weighs heavy on your mind these days, and understandably so. I admire your faith, your vision and your views. You've got the right perspective!

Kate said...

I personally think you would look great in the garb... red bandana ESPECIALLY! hehhehehe I would vote for you too! Hope you are all well!