Monday, January 07, 2008

My Meaning

Photo: Alabang Town Center, Ayala Alabang

Crickets in orchestra from outside as I type this. My heavy brow and weary shoulders are signaling for a truce. I need to relax now. If I could but transport myself I would be there...with a scoop of chocolaty ice cream to indulge my frayed senses.

It has been a day dealing with is 16 the other 18. How frazzling it can be to find the right evoke the right expression and to release the right tone in order to be understood. With children I can say about anything and sound natural..and be just natural...Talking to almost grownup kids is a "Survivor" feat in itself. If only I could blog my exact meaning..then they would read and comment.... how simple it would be!

Somehow I have to admit that I need to shift my style. It slips my mind that they are no longer ten years old nor 12...n0r 13....My mind and language capability is stuck in their infant past..Infants they are not.

And I sigh'....I can only say that I said best what I wanted to say...but maybe..just maybe it's about time I said less...and just trust that they will find my future endeavor in listening to have more meaning.

( Now I'm off for my evening walk....Ice cream will settle anything....perhaps a store is open still...)


alison said...

hmm... i can understand that luxie, my dad talks to me as if i am still 13!!! and i am way pass my thirties! sigh... yes, i sigh to that too! hahaha!

Kate said...

my babies will be 13 soon! yikes! I too have been feeling the need to brush up on my communication skills with my children! Especially the boys. I really think that they dont believe I know anything anymore... and challenge everything. Its not all bad though... I want children that challenge and question and learn! I want free thinkers... but I also want them to graduate from high school and go to Uni!!! lol

THere has to be a happy medium! hehehe

Hope that icecream was yummy!


X. Dell said...

This is interesting in that you seem quite self-aware. Believe it or not, some parents never make the adjustment. Sometimes the child can't make the adjustment (illness, injury, etc.), and the parent feels compelled to resume the role.

I'm sure you'll manage. Then too, you're still young yourself, so it might be a bit of a challenge for you to accept that one child is an adult (at least considered legally so in the US--don't know about the Philippines), and the other will be soon.

foam said...

oh, and i'm sure you know that you're not supposed to look at them and smile at them when they are with their peers..

Java said...

I agree too, parenting, esp teenagers are so difficult.
Hi Luxie, all the best for 2008!

LADY LUXIE said...

Alison: Dads will be dads :>

kate: Good luck he! he!..You're a cool mom from what I know..You;ll breeze through their teens in style:>

X Dell: I really need to be more self aware I think..sigh'.. Thanks for the nice comment.

Foam: And you're supposed to have your hair all brushed up right too when you accidentally bump into him with his friends in the mall :>