Sunday, January 06, 2008

My ( ever so soft ) Grrr

Photo: Sugarnut- Westgate Alabang

The first lesson of the year undoubtedly is ..."money cannot buy you character." I want to keep this in mind….all the time.

We haven't gone back to that lady who still owes us money. I am glad we delayed. Had we pushed with our plans I would have definitely dribbled out "colorful words" into her face. Not because she hasn't paid up, but because of the libelous ludicrous story she concocted wherein she included me.

I can't imagine myself actually cursing... oh' no...buuut I am capable of making a scene worth an academy award for the entertainment of her neighbors. Hmmm'...I can even take a video of her lying face and post it on the web for all to see...How easy it is to get back at someone in this age of internet savvy...if I abandon all personal sense of value and stoop myself so low...

Anger, irritation, hate...

Why should I burden myself with hate for someone not even worth hating. Besides, when I consider the number of people I have possibly hurt in the past, who am I to think myself so saintly? Hate does not become me.


Choose my moments. Choose even my moments of anger. More importantly, choose even how to act out my anger….with civility….with a certain flair….with a definite style.

Now I know what to do. I can’t wait to see her.

Grrr..( soft grrr only..)


Mirror Me said...

let it out Lux & do it in a dignified manner...these are rare enuf of a species 2 b messing friendships 2 begin with. I've got a cpl of those but more of makin pitiful stories of how they cant pay...but dis one u have, is a real class act.
wotever u do, hold ur composure & chin up ;p Karma girl...i always believe in karma.

Rose said...

I admire your principles in not responding to the situation in anger; I sense something opened your heart and released the anger. With the anger released, you can move forward and address the situation with kindess and character and come to a resolution that honors you both.

..................... said...

uh oh, it's the soft grrr....
now i know that lady is in trouble..

LADY LUXIE said...

mirror me: Ohh' I plan to put on a class act alright! he! he!

Rose: Thank you. Moving forward is exactly my intent:>

.......- he! he!

butterflygirl said...

It is amazing how anger changes our choice of words...I'm trying to help a student deal with that right now.

exskindiver said...

this person is really something isn't she.
talk about an estafador.
she is obviously trying to act like she was "robbed" of what she owed you.
tell me what becomes of this.
this is brazenly absurd.
especially if she is one who can cough it up (based on her mansionesque home)
shame on her.