Friday, January 25, 2008

My ShortyThoughts

Alabang Town Center CBTL

Another weekend? oooooh' my how the days roll by...unbelievable...just quite unbelievable. The past days have been a blur of activities...a lot of which had to do with visiting police stations. Am' not in the mood to talk about it right now though....hmmm..maybe next post. All's well anyway.

What I do want to say is that my shortie travels through other bloggy' posts have energized me. Such powerful affirming words that have brought sunshine into my souly'....Sooooo..I sign off from here for the weekend...Next week I shall write and ponder and celebrate....Tonight I party.

Love to all.


foam said...

lovely photo.
i love balmy nights and sitting at outdoor cafes and pubs. brings back memories of germany and paris.
i do hope you have a relaxing weekend. sounds like you really need it.

exskindiver said...

does not sound good.
i will wait.

this photo looks like eastwood.
i was surprised that it isn't.

piktor said...


I haven't been around much but your blog is in my "favorites" sidebar along with Cruel Virgin, Mantissas Matrix, Skinny Little Blonde, etc.

It is always a joy to visit your blog.

HLiza said...

I'm to be blamed too for not visiting as often..but every visits are so energizing and powerful..that's the magic of blogland. Hope you survived the police thing..he he..I've been there quite many times..

Princess Banter said...

Awwwwwwww ATC! That's my second home!!!!!

I spent almost everyday at ATC when I came home last December. It will always stay close to my heart :)

X. Dell said...

Yes, the days roll. And then you wake up: suddenly you're in your mid-40s, looking at your fifties.

Mirror Me said...

party away Lux...paint d town red ;p
have a lurveeely weekend!

david santos said...

Hi Lady Luxie
A beautiful place here!
Excellent post! Nice photo.
Thank you.
have a good day

Sandy said...

That is a gorgeous photo.


LADY LUXIE said...

Foamy: I would love to see the Paris cafes someday...And my weekend was nice.

eskindiver: Shivers really..but I'll post about it.

Piktor: Welcome back..You were missed :>

Hliza: Survived it I did he!he!...Don't berate yourself about the visits though..I understand...and your presence here really lights my day..

Princess: I was there almost everyday last December...Maybe we bumped into each other and didn't know :> Am' there often...

X:DELL: It would be a blessing to reach ones 50's...

Mirror Me: Just had a couple of drinks with the Hubz in a nice but pretty noisy place...

David: Hello. It's always a pleasure to find you visiting. Thank you for the kind words.

Sandy: It was a dark not so nice shot to start with..Good thing the photo editor I use brought out a bit of light...Thank you.