Monday, January 28, 2008

My Snappy Head

Serendra at The Fort

If lucky I get to live to the ripe ol' age of 75. That's according to statistics. In between those numbers anything can happen. No guarantees.

A day ago I had the scare of my life. What I was doing was fairly normal routine...reaching down for something on the lower shelf. As I stood up a ding dong which I took for our doorbell made me look abruptly to the right. As I did I heard a plick from the back of my head then pain...It felt like a nerve had snapped from somewhere inside my cranium behind my head. Standing there I frantically rubbed the pulsating part and slowly made my way towards the bedroom where I gently laid down. Relief quietly flooded me as I felt the the sensation of pain leave...In ten minutes I was okay.

As of now I still feel it. A certain tingle with a feel of slight numbness at the right side of my head. Could it be mere strain? I don't know...Nothing serious probably and it could have been brought on by the heavy exercise I have been doing lately. Nevertheless, it has made me think.."how many mornings do I still possess?" Which is why I have decided that from hereon I will do the following things:

a. I will seriously meditate and pray daily.

b. I will wake up at 4:30 am. Three hours earlier from what I'm used to.

c. I will savor the quiet, the morning breeze and the feel of sunshine on my skin.

d. I will stop expecting people to be what they should be in my mind.

e. I will stop judging and instead be forgiving of others and me...

e. I will understand instead of reprimand.

f. I will be kind first to myself then to others.

g. I will sign a donor card. My eyes, my lovely red wine liver, and just about any part of me that is of use should be'..recycled.

h. I will have a fab' portrait of me taken so in case I fly on to the next realm then my descendants will have the pleasure of seeing the beauty of great great Luxie granny'..hee!hee!hee!

ps: make sure my kids tell their kids I am not a ghost!


foam said...

..donor cards are good. i filled one out years ago. and years ago, i once turned my head ... and couldn't turn it back. it was stuck. that happened when i woke up one morning. i was in such pain that i couldn't get up at all. not whatsoever. .... and boy, did i ever have to pee..

i do hope your pain resides soon...
take it easy now!

Amber said...

Luxie, it never ceases to amaze me how we lead parallel lives in many ways! I am not making this up...This morning I was sitting on my living room sofa, drinking coffee with my husband. I heard a sound and turned my head sideways toward the sound. No sudden jerking, just a normal turn of the head. Crack! I pulled something! I have been nursing a painful neck ALL DAY! It runs from the right side of my neck, down through my shoulder, and ends under my left shoulder blade. Finally tonight it has mitigated a bit, but I still had to take some Tylenol.

Can you believe that?!?!

Merisi said...

What a frightening experience!
I am an early bird by education, and not by nature, I like to have some time for myself in the morning. I hope you do get enough sleep with that early hour, 4.30 sound awfully early even to me.
May you enjoy many many beautiful mornings yet to come!

vineeta said...

Im here after a LONG time & as usual you speak straight to my heart. Last week my aunt who was perfectly normal suddenly got admitted to the hospital for a block in an artery... made me think.. which is not to say that you Luxie need have such morbid fears. but the things you said you want to do are amazing in anyway- with or without any fears. They will bring to your life a beautiful grace :) The list is so inspiring I'd like to remind myself of them too...

alison said...

gosh, you reminded me again of the accident i witness last december, it was.... horrifying! yes, indeed our live is very much fragile than we think.

HLiza said...

I'm still in the state where I'm not ready to die yet..i feel my kids and hubby are not ready for that..but death won't give you an excuse if it's about to happen isn't it. I do think a lot about it and I just hope they'll remember all the nicest things about me..and that thought makes me vow to pray more often too!

Mayden' s Voyage said...

get up to greet the day
savor the silence and grace of morning-
let people be WHO they are- not what we expect...

Oh friend...can I come and live with you?

Hugs, and thanks for touching my heart- as you always do~

Mirror Me said...

i will do...d, both the e's and f too. i've been reminded of such lately by someone ;p
its a gd feeling looking inside ourselves at times huh...;p

Lydia said...

Hello Luxie, I love your list. It is one that I too really need to follow. These days I'm finding that I'm running around with my mind somewhere else. Half the time I'm not even where I'm supposed to be mentally. I need to practice some serious grounding and meditation to get me back on track again. I hope your head feels better. It does sound as if you pulled a muscle. I hope you feel better soon.