Saturday, January 05, 2008

My Time

No resolutions written. No goals pondered. No chocolate house break. Not just yet. There are two things I'm reminding myself though. First is that I always have a choice.Yes, in everything I do there is always a card of choices to pick from. It is my personal responsibility to pick those choices wisely. There is strength in owning responsibility even for ones own happiness.

Second, the Universe cradles me. Even if at times I may not feel or think so, this does not mean that it does not. God who is the spirit of this Universe encompasses my life. The current of time and days and minutes conspire to make me whole. It heals and strengthens and molds me to be the sublimest of me I can be. I am in a web of meaning.

I will not run out of time. God is time. God is in me.


X. Dell said...

Perhaps if the universe cradles you, you don't really need to make resolutions. Maybe it's wiser to rest in the arms of thedivine.

..................... said...

no resolutions for me either, but decisions need to be made.
i like your thoughts..xo

SJ said...

Have been a bad blog pal recently... but I am here now.

Happy new year !!!

captain corky said...

Very nice post. Happy New Year!

LADY LUXIE said...

To: All of you

First a warm welcome to Captain Corky!

Thanks X for such a nice reply..brought a smile to my face..Yours to Foamy...glad to know I'm not the only one in the "no resolution" mode..SJ of course, welcome back!

Luv to you all!

butterflygirl said...

time is of the essence