Thursday, January 31, 2008

My Airstrip Thinkings

Geez'......really I wouldn't know for sure... How much of something.....of anything is enough?! And how many times have I stood salivating in front of a shop window swearing I have found my nnnnth soul mate reincarnated as a ten thousand pesos shirt?

Oh' phooooheee'....It does help raise self esteem I guess..You know, the number of things you can acquire. That is if you are content on wearing a pseudo personality...a counterfeit sense of self respect. Yes, a self acceptance that will just as soon wear off on the third washing of your Lacoste...or the doomed destruction of your latest techie gadget.

This has been an issue lately. "Buy me this daddy....all my friends have one!"

But we're not talking candy bars here...We're not talking a new shirt..or a new pair of shoes..or a new cellphone....or a new radio or CD...For me it was like hearing "buy me a plane." Would you buy your kid a plane?!..

We could afford it well enough...I mean..what my kid wanted, which thankfully isn't really a plane (but sounded like one to my ears). We could take it out of our savings...Daddy likes giving gifts anyway....Mommy too...It would be a thrill to see the sparkle in his eyes...that little cute twitch of a grin..that jolly hoppity stride as our sweet darling baby...the fruit of our love....the half of our hearts cradle the monstrous toy that can give this boy such joy.

The question is..."Would it be right?"

The answer is..."No..not right now."

Peeeeerhaps someday...when it is right..when it is right..when it is right. Right time...right reason.

Right was a heart to heart talk that he got. A couple of hours with his dad hearing him out. Precious time of conversing and assuring and teaching growing and pain and accepting and waiting and working and attitude.

No doubt someday my boys will go places....will get whatever material thing it is that they want. We have made it clear...we are here...opening all possible doors....all peekaboo' pathways for them...But they will have to take the step.....They will have to walk the trail..on levitating fantasy carpet comfy' silly shortcuts....

Walk..walk..on dusty dirt...where they might trip and fall once in a while. Let it be...Let the safety of muddy earth bruise their shin and sully their hair...

Better that...than falling off planes..with nothing but air to catch them.

We have feet and life is a road for walking....not an airstrip for flying...or else we would have had wings...

Just thinking...


Amber said...

You're a good mom, Luxie! Mike and I have a saying, just because we COULD give our kids something doesn't mean we SHOULD give it to them. Children need to learn the value of a dollar, delayed gratification and finding pleasure in more than just material things. It's a lesson that will serve them well throughout life.

foam said...

two hours of a talk to talk? wow..
i'm impressed. i just give my kids that look, you know the one..
where the glasses are low on the bridge of your nose, you
tilt your head and glance over the rim of your glasses and give them that look that says, without saying it out loud? :
are you daft? ..

Gillian @ Indigo Blue said...

Well done. It is sometimes too easy to say Yes. By far it is better you take the role of parent and not FairyGodmother for your child, as our role is to parent first. Sometimes that is hard so I commend you on saying no. And then taking the time to explain why.
I agree with Amber, you are indeed a good mom!

X. Dell said...

My parents' response would have been more like Foam's with her kids. Either way you do it, the shirt is just a shirt. There will be other shirts.

LADY LUXIE said...

To all of you:

Thanks guys for your comments..It was my hubby who actually gave the kid "the talk"...Me' thinks it worked out :>