Tuesday, February 12, 2008


That belly dancing video I bought about three months ago is sleeping snuggly' in the DVD rack. I had fun watching it once then tried the moves.....eeeeks!'....Why am I so stiff? So I opted for the yoga video....watched it for a week...learned the breaths..learned a little bit of "yogi doo' vocabulary"....tried it twice and now yoga video is "oming" in meditative bliss just beside the sultry belly dancing vid.

Yesterday, I saw a pole dance video in the store...Looooked interesting..."You don't even have to take your clothes off" it says on the cover...Wait...doesn't that take out a bit of the fun?! Snooks'...I would need a pole though for this one..Wonder what kind?...Steel?.....Bamboo? I don't have any poles around here...Oh' wait...look outside...electric poles! Yaaaah!

Oh' heck'...I guess my gym membership has expired. Me' don'tz think I wanna' go back there...too noisy. Anyway, there's this aerobic yoga place near here...I don't know what that means...Is it a mixture of aerobics and yoga?!...Is that even possible?....There was pilates mentioned in the streamer...Know what?..I swear....sweeear tomorrow I'm gonna' take a peek...Doubt if I'd like it though'...I think I'm some sort of a "solitary practitioner"..Whatever....right now...it's a Coke can and a pack of potato chips I'm practicing on...Oh' well..

Was thinking awhile ago...how "free" it is to not have to prove anything to anyone....or to myself...To not have the urge to impress or compete or look to your left and to your right to determine if somebody is one up on you...To not have to race anyone...To not have to be one step ahead...

I faced myself in the mirror and said..."You don't have to prove anything...to anyone...or to me.You're okay already. You're there."

Then somehow...I dunno why.......I felt free...I felt here...I felt NOW.


foam said...

i luv the photos you've been taking..
i think you're perfect as is ..
but i do understand the need to think one has to work out ..
i do .. need to start back up ..
it's good for the health, blood pressure and soul ..
and i'm planning not to race anybody or compare myself to anybody

Rose said...

Free to be exactly me - It's wonderful to embrace that, Luxie. No need to fulfill others' expectations of who you should be, no need to put you in a box that defines you. I note, too, that your contentment has nothing to do with money or possessions! Things do not make us happy; they give us pleasure, but happiness comes from within.
I love my yoga! I hope you find something physical that you love, too!

LADY LUXIE said...

Foamy: Thank you for the nice comment.

XO back to you.:>

Rose: Ah' yes..to fulfill other's expectations can be so frustrating. But even more so to fulfill the expectations one has set on himself or herself...To just enjoy each moment as it comes is truly liberating. It doesn't mean though that plans should not be set or the best should not be given on endeavor...Only that loving moderation and acceptance should all be tossed in together. :> Thank you for being here.

HLiza said...

I wish I can be that free..I am never free..always feeling guilty of eating, not exercising and wishing I can look better and better. Urrgghh..I'm a victim..it sucks.

Mayden' s Voyage said...

Oh Luxie...this was beautiful :)
And so are you :)
Again- you posted something I needed to read- something my heart needs to grasp and hold on to.
Thank you friend~