Monday, February 11, 2008

My List

Am'in pretty nifty internet cafe sitting on this fluffy cushiony' chair with chill music on the background...Can't bloggy think when there's club music blaring...and my connection at home is on strike...I'm expecting it toroll back to work by tonight..but tonight can't wait can it? So hereIam supposed to be doing grocery errands but instead blogging he! he!

N'ways..just wanted to say hi to you..I'll be back later...just I soon as I pickup a carton of milk, cereals, half a kilo rib eye, tomato sauce, onions, french fries, squid, coffeemate, tomato, garlic, all purpose cream,chicken,eggs,macaroni , bacon,oatmeal and a loaf of wheat bread.

Have a great week:>


foam said...

squid? yeah, that's also on my daily shopping list.. ;)

Mirror Me said...

its nice having 2 take life @ our own pace eh? nothin scheduled no withholding ;p
hv a gr8 wk sista!

Lydia said...

I just got through with my grocery shopping yesterday. How boring it is when I have to grocery shop. My two year old loves it, because of all the free food samples he gets to try.