Friday, February 15, 2008

My Friendly Alien Clerk

Cupid and whoever is the power behind April Fools decided to join forces and target me yesterday. Visualizing the horrendous traffic on this particular night, I opted that the whole family just stay home and have pizzas, wine, and of course my chicken celery soup and my home grilled peppered steak with gravy.

I was happy just fixing up the homey' and prepping up everything. My paperwork could wait till the next day I said. Even my little garden was pretty and the mild breezy weather was simply cool and divine. A Valentine day really.

Around three in the afternoon I had everything set and so I took a quick shower, pony tailed my hair, grabbed on a pair of old faded jeans and wore my favorite moss colored cotton shirt.

It was more of a stroll what I did, just admiring the neighborhood gardens as I made my way to the Homeowner's Association Office where I had a bill to settle.

So I get there and this lady clerk looks up to me from her table and I smile my usual smile and say hi. Somehow there's something about her I truly find mildly odd. I can't point out what it is except just a feeling that we give out pleasantries to each other but we couldn't care less really. I could also sense ever since that she was the "nosy" type. You know, the kind who would ask you itzy' questions to find out things in your life. There was, to me, something precisely "bogus" about her.

Well she makes small talk while I write out a check. She inquires a few detailed things about my family and I answered in a friendly way. Then she asked about my boys....their ages..where they study. I was okay with that...handed her the check...asks her to give it a thorough review for errors or anything. Theeeeeen before I could even stop speaking she goes...

"Your husband.....ummmmm'.....he is younger than you eh?....How much younger is he???..."

My lips froze into a twitch. It felt like the whole of me suicidally plunged beneath this icy frozen pond in some yet to be discovered part of Mars!!!

In my mind I was in in freeeeeeeezing country, planet, galaxy..wherever...hell probably... and this deathly foul half alien woman, with her blood shot eyes, her pointed horns, her wicked razor claws was crazily baring her bleeding fangs at me!!! A true creature of the dark who wanted fresh meat and I was dinner!

What do you do in such deathly situation oh' tell meeeh! Spear!..I needed spear!!

"Love thy neighbor," Cupid angelically whispered in one part of my soul. "Here's my arrow of looooove are light...florescent...incandescent.....glooooowing," stupid Cupid continues.

I madly snarled at him hissing, "It isn't an arrow I need idiot!

"I want blood!"...

"I want gut!"..

"I want innards spilling all over this "f^%&ing floooor!!!.......hear meeeeh????!!!!" reality, I sat there maintaining my friendly composure with a plastered smile saying,
"Oh' we're pretty much the same age.."

Then she goes on with more idiotic phrases saying how women can look older than husbands because we get to do more unlike them..

I say nothing about this, thanked her for the receipt and walked home broiling in irritation and reeling in twilight. Once home I called up a friend and told her about my encounter of the third kind..Oh' gawd' we talked about great retorts I could have given back...but too late....

Thing is...just the night before I had a moment of silent meditation wherein I asked God to help me be kinder and nicer to live from the inside and not to get strength from superficial sources....

Perhaps this is one way in which the universe is helping me to learn...about loving the unlovable...

Or perhaps to just accept the fact that there will always always always aaalwaaaays be stupid people around...

Idiots abound...

Aliens are among us...

It is the way I see myself that really counts.


foam said...

it's okay, luxie ..
it's okay to call it as you see it ..

Gillian @ Indigo Blue said...

You got it right. What we think of ourselves is all that matters. If you think you look good, and you feel good, then letting some jealous woman try to bring you down is pointless really.
Glad you like yourself enough to not let her thoughtless comments bother you.
Good for you for maintaining your composure too.
I think you look damned good too, so no worries!!!

ThursdayNext said...

I love the last three lines of this entry...

I have missed you Luxie, and am glad we are stopping by each other's homes again. :)

Rose said...

"I asked God to help me be kinder and nicer to people..." I think that God was answering your prayer, giving you an opportunity to be kinder and nicer to someone who wasn't kind or nice. And you did so well! I think you'll get a few more "opportuntities" like this in the coming days, and each time you'll polish your approach more and more and be less and less bothered by it. Say a prayer of blessing for the half alien for helping you learn. :-)

Java said...

LUX!! You are angry? LOL
Never known. Promise to still call you Luxie. How are you matey?

cathy_bythesea said...

The Dalai Lama would be so proud of you! That is what I call a perfect example of mindfulness. Of course that was VERY Christian of you to behave that way.

Amber said...

I worked with a difficult woman once who asked me if I'd robbed the cradle for my husband. The kick? I was 23 at the time! And my husband was 27! She was just being a bitch. Jealousy can really make people say some mean things. She clearly feels your radiance, your inner happiness, and envies you. Unfortunately, she just grew about three shades uglier today.

I think you're being nice. I would have called her "My Hag Clerk"! hee!

X. Dell said...

She could be just socially awkward, especially around people she likes. Sometimes, people try too hard to impress, and they wind up looking either mean, bizarre, or over-curious. That's what it sounds like to me, at least.

exskindiver said...

i've met you two--
and you both look great!
perhaps she was trying to needle you because she sensed your cautiousness and mistook it for being aloof (which you are NOT!!)

some people have vicious defense mechanisms. you handled yourself well.

walk away with the satisfaction that you have a hot husband that she probably covets...(hee hee hee)