Saturday, February 16, 2008

My Inner Luxie Journey

Before I ever went by the pen name "Lady Luxie" I was and had always been "Prism." I believe the latter to be my spiritual name. The cymbal sound and the clear tinkling ring of Prism has been an intimate part of me for such a long long long time. In fact, I do not remember a moment when I never was Prism. Could it be because I never can remember a time when I have not been writing?

Prism writes and writes and writes and writes....Even when stubborn words lock themselves up inside this great mythical Tower of Babel refusing to be let out, Prism still opts to write. Words on strike can't stop her.

Later on I discovered "Luxlucisvita." A phrase that rang so pure of what Prism was all about. "Light of life" it means....How true. To make it snappy, Lady Luxie came to be. A breathing writing being fueled by Prism.

What's in a name I sometimes ask myself. Is it a brand? Is it a label? Perhaps so..perhaps not. What I know is this; it was written about me that "I could extract sunshine from a cloudy day." Actually, sometimes I can also extract sunshine from a moonless right now. From out of the blue, for a split moment I get this deep joyful infusion of happy from a world deep within me. A whisper from the center of my soul. A whisper so fluttery sweet and clear that it makes me, for a moment, shockingly perceive that heaven must be a dimension inside me and not some destination up there somewhere. Could it be?

I think...I think...we all have prisms inside of us...A source of light that fuels life. It has nothing to do with food or water or is a galaxy within the minute corners of our atom selves that quiver and sparkle when we need it...A light of life that is alive and breathing and existing and is me and you and us and everything all wrapped together in secret satin energy...I think we can even talk to it.... It doesn't matter who we are or what we are....tall, short, east, west, north, south...Why I believe this place inside ourselves is all our if we all live in this one living sacred spot of peace...

Oh' my...I think I think I think..I think I have been thinking a lot of thinking tonight...But let me think even more...I think I would like to take a brave journey.....a very important journey...I am ready...I think..oh' yes I am....


Merelyme said...

i really do like your suits you. what sort of journey will you be taking? an inner or an outer one or both?

foam said...

come to think of it ..
i started reading you when you were a prism .. :) i loved all your names.
they all suited you.

i refer to my inner prism as my internal spark of flame. sometimes it lays within seemingly covered in ashes and smothered, but somewhere within it always seems to start back up. sometimes just a flicker, but it's enough.

Amber said...

You are so very wise, Luxie! (Prism!) Your posts always make me think...or feel moved...I love the concept of the inner prism!

Lydia said...

Hello Luxie, I really love this post of your thoughts and feelings about going within. What you wrote really gets me thinking about heaven not being somewhere out there, but within and reaching for the light within to retrieve it. You put some very beautiful thoughts down on this post. Thank you!

alison said...

the sacred spirit within us. to understand the meaning of being who i am, the inward journey. to find happiness, bliss.

i am seeking it too :)

prism... me like that name too.

X. Dell said...

I dunno if I've ever been a prism, but I get the connection betweeen that and Lux quite clearly. Perhaps it was a natural progression.

madelyn said...

I love your name as well and
somehow just stepping into this
blog feels like a prism
to me ~
you have a lovely energy and
i am so happy to have discovered you:)