Tuesday, February 26, 2008

My Shortie Wants List

Discovered a neat trick I can pull on me. Yay!

Been trying to figure how to cure my "procrastination issues" you see. Yeah' I have those to the max.

I figured this would also do good for
insane moments when I'm faced with routine tasks I shirk from doing. You know, the usual daily stuff that would creep up on you if you don't move....the littering leaves that need to be swept, the cluttered closet that needs to be organized...the usual errand that needs to be done...things like that. Listing them down the day before doesn't work for me. I don't even read the list mostly.

But this time I think I've got it.

Instead of saying, "Things I HAVE To Do Today".....

I'm going to write, Things I WANT To DO Today"

1. I want a snazzy' bedroom ( change covers and fluff pillows)

2. I want a mango shake for everyone at dinner ( drop by grocers and buy fruit)

3. I want to fit into my white jeans ( skip the ice cream that's sitting there in the fridge)

4. I want a collection of odd leaves (sweep up front yard..say hello to the birds)

There! A sample of a simple "I WANT list that rings with subtle pleasure. Absolutely nothing I wouldn't want to do for a day would be included. Nothing of what I have to do, but instead, only intimate choices of what I want to have...and want to do.

I feel powerful now just thinking about it.

Hmmmm'..I think this could work...

(ps: Thank you so much to those who posted comments in my posts down. I learned so much from your sharings and insights. I will be visiting you in a shortie'..:> )


mirror~me said...

5- i WANT that Hagen Dasz!!!! :)

she said...

im re-doing my bedroom. i have my own separate distinctively female room apart from mr shes (we call it the virgin bedroom grrrrherhahahhaha) all the action happens in his room.

i bought a big wall graphic of a elaborate chandelier for above my bed and framed some of my flying birds in the sky photos real big. found a bunch of stuff at the flea market....theyre in the post with the red hat if you care to see. now i need a new floor lamp and maybe a new rug or something. we have hardwood floors so when its cold i need something warm and fuzzy like.

im trying to take very few calories in too. oh but i love chocolate chocolate ship ice cream so so so much.

she said...

"an" elaborate

rebecca said...

Hmmm...I think it could....

Ok, I'll have my mango shake now...are you home?...i'm coming over...

Amber said...

That is a brilliant approach, Luxie! Taking a look from the positive instead of the "chore" or "deprivation" angle. What a great idea...I'm going to make a concerted effort to do the same!

foam said...

yesterday i said ..
i want a clean kitchen floor ..
so my sixteen year old swept it.

i liked how that worked.

exskindiver said...

haagen daz with root beer.
the best.
i think i will have that for dinner.