Thursday, March 27, 2008

Pro Bono - Por Pabor!

Sitting here with a mug of strong scalding hot black coffee, I can't help but wonder about certain ladies in my life who call themselves "my friend." How can I help it..thinking this way..when I am now faced with a writing task deftly passed to me last night in the middle of frying ham. I couldn't say "no." Well, I could have I guess, but she sounded desperate and so in need. How can I refuse a "friend" in "need" tell me.

Then again this isn't the first time she has asked for a similar favor. I've always gladly obliged. In fact,I've always gladly obliged to the lot of them asking for favors like this. I've done their power packed "I am the corporate hero you need resumes." I've done their marketing brochures. I've done their client proposals. I've edited and written letters in behalf of them to foreign employers. And yes, I am proud to say that I have played an instrumental part (as far as documents and coaching is concerned) to the immigration and Canadian citizenship of a friend.

I love my friends.
I take time for them.
I value them.

No friend of mine can ever claim I was less of anything. I'm not perfect. No. But I am very valuable. No, not because I've done what I said I've done for them.

My value cannot be measured by paperwork or words or anything I give. What I give I give because of my own peculiar brand of love. The kind of love only I can give. Search for the same love I dare you! Search for the same smile..Search for the same lunatic laugh!..Search for the same stories...Search for the same drama I can be...Search for the energy that is me... I daaare you!!...

search the oceans..
search the seas...
search the valleys..
ask the trees...

talk to the mountains..
croak with a frog
ask him where can I find a Luxie love?

Do my friends really care for me?!? Huh?....At all???

Who...whoooo has asked me how I am lately? Am I breathing? Am I dead yet? Am I hungry? Am I sad? Am I angry? Do I want a cookie? Eh???. At least a text message saying "I think of you?" - heck' not the forwarded green jokes that float to every name in a phone book. Just me.

Who....................who has done this?!....


Ya'..that's who!!


And soooo?....Yeah' I'm doing it. In fact, I'll do it after this. I'll write the speech ( 3 speeches!... the nerve). I'll send it. I'll get a "thank you saved my day" kind of thank you. I'll feel happy for you. And then.......that's it girl. That's it.


X. Dell said...

An expert on power resumes and paperwork? I wish I had a friend like you.

And I do. But I'll take care of my own paperwork, okay?

foam said...

seems the least they could do is mske you soft gooey and chewey brownies with walnuts in them.. cause
if they had to pay you monetarily, they probably couldn't afford you.

i'm glad i didn't have to croak with a frog to find the peculiar kind of luxie love that i was blessed to find while flipping through blogs a couple of years ago.

LADY LUXIE said...


New York Doctorate degree...


3rd world nobody

end of story..

Want a brownie?

Foam: I wish you were here. You gave me a cyber brownie. I'll never forget that.

foam said...

you are one of the most generous people i know .. everytime i come i receive the gift of your photos and your writings .. precious cyber cookies, indeed.

HLiza said...

That's the same reason why I always try not to be so close to any friends..being used was normal to me in boarding school. You're a nice soul..just be proud of that.

exskindiver said...

do you want a cookie lux?
or a polvoron?
you are my friend.

Eric R Ström said...

I like your dream.
I hope it will come true.

Take your time and breath in and out, breathing is important.

Eric R Ström said...
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Mayden' s Voyage said...

awwww...3rd world nobody???
not to me~

Hugs friend- sigh- I was thinking of you all morning at the cafe' I went to- pretending I was with Luxie Doo :)
sweet friend, hope you are having a good week.

butterflygirl said...

You are an awesome friend. I relate with all of those feelings you share. There are probably just a few "close" friends in my life.