Monday, April 21, 2008

Double Celebrations!

While rummaging in my closet last night for a book I could only vaguely remember putting there, I unexpectedly found an old diary of mine from ten years ago.

Pleasantly surprised
and totally curious, I flipped through the crispy black lined pages and was, in an instant, oddly led to March 12, 1998. This is what I scraggly scribbled a few days after turning 30.

- Success for me is the ability, or my ability to live each day positively. I have dreams and goals and ideas of what I'd like to be 20, 30, 50 years from now. However, what I would label success to be is to live each day joyfully, positively and actively. I would think a day successful when I have been able to do all my responsibilities at home..from taking care of my children, to taking care of husbands needs, to taking care of my home and at the same time, having enough qualiy time with myself.

Success would be my ability to be calm in the course of pursuing each day, not yelling or even thinking negative thoughts specially about family and friends. Being able to give inspiration and compassion towards each person I meet would be a remarkable area of success for me. Getting organized and disciplined enough to do the things I truly love to do like reading, or writing, or planting, or even praying...would make me a success in my own eyes. -

eading this came as a jolt of surprise for me, especially considering that today, April 21 is Hubbzy's birthday and tomorrow, the 22nd is our 20th year of being together and 19 years of being married.

This entry
ten years ago was written by quite a young me. Honestly, I am amused. Amused to find, that in a general sort of way, this is how my days have been...but not always so...And this is how I am...but not quite much has happened in between.

sheer innocence of how I wrote this..the conviction and the simplicity of it all hit me full blast...and I smiled at the memory of a long time ago...because in the flurry of days and the riot of responsibility( ies) and the hunt for needing things I have somehow forgotten really...what success.... real success truly meant for me.


ThursdayNext said...

19 years...that is wonderful! I wish you both a joyous celebration. :)

Hannah said...

i like your blog (:

SJ said...

Congratulations to you both on turning 20 :)

alison said...

awww... that is so sweet.i too have a dairy and gosh, i can't remember where it/they went? happy 20th to you and your hubz!!

cathy_bythesea said...

Happy Birthday to the hubz and Happy Anniversary to you both! In this day and age, 19 is certainly a landmark :)

Graciel of Evenstar Art said...

Dear Sweet Friend,

Your younger self captured the essence of true success so beautifully. What a perfect reminder for all of us. Simplicity IS success.

And the picture up top, bathed in red and accented with greens...I'm swooning!

Love to you across the waters.

Anonymous said...

In 98 I was in my very last thirty.

Yes, simplicity is success, but not so easy to achieve.


boneman said...


Hey, if you like the birthday song, wait'll you "hear" the anniversary song!

MANY HAPPIES to you both!

LADY LUXIE said...

Hey everyone! Thanks to all of you for the sweetie greets! And Mr. Boneman, yep..we sure liked the song he!he!

X. Dell said...

(1) Happy birthday to your husband.

(2) Happy anniversaries to you and your husband.

(3) Congratulations on your success.

foam said...

happy belated b-day
congrats on being together for 20 years..
an accomplishment indeed ..