Friday, April 18, 2008

My friend Mel

Sunny streaked windy day my part of the world and the mango tree outside my bedroom window is swaying funny to the tune. Pweeetty!

My mind is on a boat though. I mean, I'm thinking of a
boat. Not a cruise'm not going on any...Not a speedboat no...haven't ridden on one...Just thinking of an ordinary boat bubbing along in the sea...pushed here and there by the kind of wind I feel right now....swirling..circling..bending over on one side then the other...seemingly out of control one moment then gently gliding the next. I am that boat.

Everything about me is just floooooating. Happy one moment, weepy the instant next, angry a second over, puzzled the minute after, loving the next and apathetic afterwards. I am a nuclear barrel of sizzling emotions. Okay....nuclear is a bit over the top...I'm sticking to " I am a boat " twirling in a whirpool made just for me. Come to think ov' it..I am the whirpool too!

But this morning my yoga instructor was just so wonderful. Oh' gawd' how I admire women who have had years of resiliency and just a whole load of discipline to shape themselves. This lady is powerful I tell you. Her buttocks are firm and not a darn thing is swinging from under her arms...shucks'...

Well this morning she made us do half an our of "tribal dance" that incorporated cha cha (?) and a whole lot of arm swaying and hip grinding and feet moves. For the first time ever I actually...was able to follow somebody's dance steps!YAY! This was followed by yoga poses which stretched me to a twang. Slow mindful breathing and a moment of meditation ended the program.

I felt so light hearted and positive on my way home. For once I was able to appreciate the prettiness of my neighborhood again...the cute houses and lushness of trees..the quaint peaceful newly renovated - so zen like - Catholic church which is always open to anyone who would like to have a sense of quiet...the chirping birdies saying hello to me...then the welcome bark of my poodle and the smile of little yellow flowers sitting on my window sill. Sigh.

There's lots to do I know, and once in a while this little heavy thug in my heart pulls me back to melancholy. Have no idea where "mel" is coming from but I'll just let it be. Later in the afternoon ( after the ping pong table arrives - Hubz bought one) I'll take a nice walk around the community park. I'll bring "mel" with me....then maybe it'll find the park pretty enough to be left off there...

swinging perhaps, on the biggest acacia tree.


cathy_bythesea said...

expect mel to visit once in a while dear. welcome to the fab forties :)

Darlene said...

oh yes indeedy
these fabulous forties
bring on the MENO
pause, that is
and it can be a
doosie!!! ;)

love to you
enjoy your weekend
xo darlene

X. Dell said...

Forgive me, but your description of the yoga instructor makes me wonder what you eventually did to that prosthetic rear end you purchased a couple of years ago.

I was thinking, if you didn't donate it, perhaps you can use it as a decoy to lure "mel" into the park, and keep him there. After all, guys like rear ends. And you could always visit him from time to time.

Merelyme said...

i can totally relate to your writings. all i can say is WOW your blog sure looks is my favorite color. how did you make it so lovely and with the different colors for the font and all? very nice indeed!

ThursdayNext said...

I am so glad you are enjoying this spring weather and realaxing this weekend...and swinging.

HLiza said...

Oh what nice changes you've made to your blog..I feel warmth here. I so missed yoga classes..only managed to follow them a month after maternity leave. Sending my hugs and kisses here..oh you 'boat'ie girl...

LADY LUXIE said...

Cathy: I guess Mel would come a' visiting every now and then. Which means, I should always be ready with at least a jar of cookie he!he!

Darlene: Shivers to the Meon thought he!he! Buut..yes, I am taking in every thing I can learn about it in order to accept and happily flurry through the changes that will occur.

X:DELL: Oooooh' you remember??...he!he! We had plenty of wonderful snuggly moments that fake butt and I he!he!he! Unfortunately, I had to retire it permanently....I hate it when things become to "clingy"...

As for Mel...I guess my natural pancake flat rear did the trick...swore he would be circling the park for quite a long while:>

Merelyme: Thank you thank you:> Always glad when somebody can totally understand me:>

Thursday: It is indeed pretty today! It's summer her but thankfully, right now, it isn't blazing hot.

Hliza: Yoga does wonders really! I hope you manage to get back to it. And thank you for the compliment :)