Thursday, April 10, 2008

Mind Sweep

Just sitting here being totally contemplative surrounded by papers and folders and! Tax season brings the "zen" out in mind wanders and flutters the way a butterfly would..

Hey, didn't somebody sometime ago say something about a butterfly's wings causing a tsunami?!..Chaos theory I think that's called.Wheeew'...glad I'm no butterfly!...Gawd' just think if I had wings. Yah! If I had wings I'd flutter on to Foamy's porch coz' you, Lady Foamy, have got to taste this pie!!

Aw' shucks....I wanted to write something..well.."intelligent"...okay..."smart" sounding. Was planning to expertly cluck about how I am so into mindfulness and that I really am grounded into finding "IT"..Kinda' like the "it" that means an.."it" phase (??). Its not happening...this "it" soliloquy that I had a while ago...Something inside of me ( let's call it the divine "Luxie Force" ) is telling me to cut the crap and just say "it" as "it" is.


Thing is, I've been thinking ( yaiiks!) the middle of this swarm of bond papers I've had a realization that...maybe some.....things....people...situations....some old way of thinking....some old faded belief...even an old pair of shirt have to be let go...set free. I have this thing about clinging. I do it to a lot of things.....even routine.

This is as far as I can say about this, aside from,'s like I'm opening up my chest as well as my brains and just reaching in...sorting through the pile and clutter and throwing out unnecessary memories and heartaches and limiting thoughts...rearranging everything else in neat sorted files...much like these files I have in front of me. The resulting outcome would space.

Hmm' I think I like the idea of open space...

There are a lot of changes transpiring in my life...I think if I just take a moment of de - cluttering soul silence..there will be a wider span of space for a whole lot more of this pretty changes to come.


Yoli said...

You have an interesting blog and you write beautifully. I came across your blog via Maryam's.

Mayden' s Voyage said...

I woke up this morning and noticed all the clutter in my room...and in the hallway- and in my office.
it is time to let go of many "things" to make room for living, and love, and peace- and a whole bunch of other things that are more important.

Hugs Luxie- things are better now, for a while at least. I think I'm in between storms for a bit.
Either that, or I am in the eye of the hurricane-
yikes! Let's hope not :)

foam said...

what kind of pie is it?
and taxes... phffft...
i'm also trying to declutter stuff ..
actual stuff and mental stuff..

ps: and may tons of good things come to you soon .. :)

X. Dell said...

(1) Your tax season is the same as ours? Hmmm. I wonder what that means.

(2) You can flutter up a few more miles to New York, can't you? I'd like a bit of that pie myself.

(3) It's interesting in that you mention mind clutter. Some psychologists around here believe that mind clutter is connected to physical clutter, and suggest cleaning up and organizing one's space in order to do the same to the mind...perhaps to the point, as you indicate, of throwing away some of the junk that is no longer useful.

Java said...

LOL, even in you just blab and not write anything that makes totally sense to me .. it's still beautiful!
Have a great weekend Luxie.

Amber said...

Goodness, Luxie, tax time certainly tests our Zen sensibilities, doesn't it? I keep telling myself "breathe in...breathe out" while I write the check to the taxman.

You're right...clutter sucks! (how's that for intelligent?) LOL

Mr. Althouse said...

I really need to stop over here more often. I think I get IT... at least I used to think so sometimes - now I'm never too sure.

Exciting times just ahead, but for now all is peaceful and calm.


mirror~me said...

m on the quest of de-cluttering my cluttered emotions...hehehhe
p/s: the pie looks 'sedap' (that's in malay, u gotta figure it out...heheheh)

LADY LUXIE said...

Thanks for the comments everyone!

Hey' Yoli, welcome to my blog! I hope you get to visit often.

Mayden, I missed you and you know I always have you in mind..I'll be in touch.

Foam: Thant's a mushroom and steak pie from a pretty place here called Bag of Beans...piping hot..freshly made..really yummy!

X:DEll: Yes, our tax season is precisely the same as your season over there. This, as well as our constitution, has been largely patterned after the United States. The Philippines was a US colony till 1946 and these kind of things have somehow stuck.

As to the fluttering over to NYC...someday I might just surprise you :>>

Java: Oh' you're sweet :)

Amber: Clutter is alive. I mean it! Like you know, you fix up one day then the succeeding days just bear witness to how clutter slowly blooms again! :>

Mike: Hello! I'm glad everything is zennish with you :> You look so different...I miss your hair!! :>>

Aunty Belle said...

Bay doll, clutter is the human condition, ain't it? I has piles on stacks of clutter.

I like thinkin' of ya at thew beach better'n workin' on taxes. But ,uh, what's in that pie??