Monday, November 13, 2006

Tagged By Tab

Meme’s are the button butterflies of blogland.

They flurry in cyber reality and land from bloggen’ to bloggen’ to blogginate and blogcreate! Some bloggers say they have nothing to say so they merely meme away…This is an understatement. Memes have a lot to reveal. It takes time, effort and energy to create one. And for those who can write a hundred… all hands salute.

So, in celebration of the lovely soulful Tab who tagged me eons ago….here are 9 somethings about me that go way beyond my cybie reality:

My pet name is ……QUEENIE.

I am a true blue Piscean born the 3rd day of the 3rd month of 68.

My magic is alive, my spells intoxicate and I am always in love

I can change my aura and looks in a whiff’…..

I was once approached to be an undercover agent

I am a die hard fan of Alice in Wonderland, Enid Blyton books and Little House in the Prairie

I love the sun, the moon, French kissing, holding hands, sleeping naked, cotton pajamas, persian pillows, carousel rides, gypsy tales, scented candles, potpourris, the sound of waves and chimes, the feel of sand and wooden floors on my feet, the smell of pine, old books, fireflies, butterflies, dragonflies, beach houses, country cottages, prairie pictures, pistachio ice cream, walnuts, chestnuts, Leonida’s exotic chocolates, vintage and flea market treasures, the British India boutique, the 1920’s, Billy Holiday, Nat King Cole, Jamaican Patties, Java and Bossa Nova!

I think my husband is sexy, so is Hugh Grant and Pierce Brosnan ;->

I dream of dancing with abandon, in the beach, under the brightest smiling full moon with my soul sisters…

9 is luck…

so….9 sprinkling bits about me.

spreading luck to Mayden, Schaumi and The Reefer!!
( PS: Won't be able to bloggy dee' doo for some time..maybe a week..or so..I got me a big training project so I gotta' focuuus..he!he!..yah!..Will peek in or you guys on with the luck!.."


Enemy of the Republic said...

Enjoy life anyway!

Anonymous said...

okaaaaaay, i just deleted my comment instead of publishing it.
Your meme is one of the most poetically beautiful ones I've read, lux. You sure do have a way with words.
Let me guess, you really are an undercover agent and are gathering all kinds of information based on the online profiles we are creating of ourselves....? :) right, am I right?..

I wouldn't mind being at a warm beach right now..

Good luck with your training project.

Anonymous said...

I love beautiful~
YOU are luck! are a blessing :)

No kidding- before I went to bed last night I was looking at a homework paper of my daughter's- one that showed the interesting ways 9 presents itself...(for example) 9x9= 81, 8+1=9, etc- and I thought to myself- "I think 9 must be a lucky number!"
(I swear I am not making this up!)
And then here you are this morning...with 9 meme's :)
Funny- a world away...and similar thoughts~
I'll be getting ready for Juli's 11th b-day party, and the Thanksgiving holiday next week. I'll be away too- but I'll send you a note when things settle down :)
Hugs well. I'm totally with you on the Hugh Grant and Pierce Brosnan thing ;^)

Our beloved pup will love this post too you know- part of his name is the lucky #! :)

Susannah said...

what a lovely list, and you know what i think about Pierce Brosnan ;-) x

X. Dell said...

(1) Thanks for not tagging me.

(2) So, did you accept the invitation to be an undercover agent? Are you surveilling me as we speak?

Actually, I can see you playing the role of a femme fatale.

(3) Pierce Brosnan and Hugh Grant do nothing for me. But then, there's no accounting for taste.

Gary said...

I loved that meme. One of the best I've read lately. One thing is for certain: you are a romantic. I think of myself as one too, though not as much of one as I'd like to be.

By the way, I like the old music too, especially Bessie Smith. Have you heard of her?

Anonymous said...

I love it! You are such a romantic soul Lux!!

Lady Lux said...

Schaumi: ello' there!...geez' why did you delete your comment?...but thanks a big dee doo' for what you posted here...yep' iz' true hee!hee!..I was approached by a lady cop( undercover to) who happens to be the mom of one of my students and asked if I'd be interested to go..undervover..(uuuuuu!!!..hee!hee!)... am month or so training in handling a gun was required.. I had a cool time with the idea bot of course declined....handling a gun?..yuuukie doo'...I'd probably get it all mixed up and boom on my foot instead...or someone else's foot..yikes!....and goodie to the profiles ha!ha!ha!..imagine if someone were really gathering a profile about me...nya!a!a!...loves vanilla coffee...loves to watch the moon...loves meteor showers...he!he!...and Profile for Schaumi would include..."moans and groans"...he!he!he!

Enemy: wiiiil dooo!!!..:->

Mayden:...heeeey girl!! did the math eh?..ha!ha! kids know better than to approach me about math...he!he!...An geez' thanks for calling me luck...oh' gooodness..Happy Happy Birthday to lovely doll of yours!..I'ms sure she takes after her mom in beauty...I did see a pic of her one time..a long time are lucky to have such a sweet thing...and yah'..happy family celebrates that too!..Hugs there!

Susannah:..ey' nice of you to drop by..I sooo loved the girlfriend post you did....and yeeehah!..Pierce is type too he!he!

X:DELL: LOL!!! Hubzy wouldn't give it a thought....Gave as a good laugh though...but it would be fun to do surveillance on you with all the ideas and info and conspiracy that you write live in New York...hmmmm....

And he femme something!..Thought about that in school while I was writing on the chalkboard..started giggling facing the green students probably think I've gone weirdo on their essays....he!he!...

KAte:..haven't checked your bloggy' yet..last time I did you were off to NYC..will have to cruise by your site!..thanks..;->

Oh' snuuuks..thanks Gary...from one romantic to another....ha!ha!...Bessie Smith?...hmmmm..I don't think so...I will have to look her up..then go to Tower Records ( it's still standing here in my fave mall)..or Odyssey to see if they have her...I'm sure they do... thanks...

gotta' to back to work!!

Lady Lux said...

oooops..lotsa' typo errors he!he!..

X. Dell said...

Being a femme fatale is overrated anyway. You get all dressed up in your best plunging neckline attire just to chase moose and squirrel all over Minnesota. Trust me, you're happier where you are.

Lady Lux said...

moose and squirrel..we don't have that here.....but we do have deers..I'd love to see a squirrel though..I wonder why the femme fatales in Min..Min...Minnesota chase them...poor squirrels..nevermind the moose...I think moose are dangerous...and I don't think I'll pass for a fatale something..I don't wear plunging necklines..only jeans and a nice grey shirt..and it's a bit smoggy' sometimes where I am...but pretty smoggy' I'm happy :->

K9 said...

/bark bark bark

lux=light all right. i get the persian pillows but not pierce.


Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

Love your meme...I hate doing them but enjoy reading them!
This was a lovely delicious one!

X. Dell said...

Methinks I have made a poor cultural reference that doesn't cross the international boundary lines. If you want an explanation, click here

Lady Lux said...

Oh...LOL! ti!

I wonder if we have R and B over here...I don't know really ( or wouldn't know)...we got cable but I don't watch TV....

thanks for the smile..I'm goin' nuts at 7: 42 am looking for something I think I lost ( grooooaaan!!!)

Lady Lux said...

Tea: Hi!..Thanks..I remember reading the 100 things about me you wrote..thar was nice:->

Anonymous said...

That was a lovely meme, and I agree, they tell so much about a person. What I read is that you are a very talented person with a special way with words... very artistic.... loving... caring... dreamy....all typical of a piscean - I recognise these qualities speaking as a piscean myself - but you just have a better way of saying it all!

Not long ago MI5 (you know of MI5 - Secret Intelligence) were advertising in the newspaper, yep newspaper, asking for people to go along for interviews...!

Lady Lux said...

Sue: aw' shucks...thanks for the nice words...I'm swamped with something..will cruise by soon..

Anonymous said...

You wrote this so perfectly!

Tab said...

YOU are a wonderfully writer Lady Lux!
Must be cuz you are a me:)
Great post ...well done..Take care.
Thanks for sharing.