Wednesday, May 30, 2007

BLue Bye You'

Looking at my life, I know there are buckets I have to be thankful for. But there are days when all of these blessings seem to be shrouded in a haze.

I think this is one of those days.

However, unlike in the I can clearly and logically see that this is just a phase brought about by the natural cycle of life.

I first heard about "cycles of life" almost ten or so years ago from a visiting preacher named Bill Gothard. Though a lot of what he talked about pertaining to sensitive relational issues remain suspect in my mind, I appreciate the lesson about cycles that he gave.

He said that if we would only take particular notice, things and events and situations in life happen in cycles. Women have their monthly cycle, seasons come in cycles, the world spins a cycle, and even how we feel turns a cycle.

"If you would keep would notice that you experience about the same emotions about the same moment each month and year" he expounded.

I haven't kept track really and don't think I need to...because I am deep certain that feeling happy and blue is perpetually embellished in the silver rim of a winding wheel branded reality. Comfort comes from knowing that all I have to do is to roll along with it and enjoy the ride.

So right now I welcome this visitor named "Blue" with calm reserve.
I will offer it a seat in my doorstep, I will listen quietly to what it has to say and share tea and oatmeal cookies while doing so.

I need not give my two cents worth...I need not react or say that you are wrong it this way Blue..No...Soon enough after it has poured itself out..Blue will give me a hug and thank me for just listening.

Then I shall give Blue a bag of cookies to take along,
escort it down my steps,
cheerfully wave


she said...

hi luxious! were your ears burning lately? because we have been talking about you. mayden said she was going to research flights to your corner of the world!!

before i ever met "mr she" we talked on the phone. and one night he asked what is the matter? and i said "im just a little blue" and he always talked about that later - how it struck him - the matter of factness to it - no whining.

i like your idea of inviting blue in and experiencing him and knowing all the while he will leave one day and also one day return. just the natural ebb and flow of the tidal pool of being.

thinking of you this evening with a big howl out and wag.

foam said...

Blue does make the rounds it seems. although presently blue is not here.
(there is an icky fluttering moth though. i have a moth phobia. i'm getting goosebumps as i write.)
I have to admit that I'm always quite giddy to wave goodbye to blue....
usually i've done ate the cookies myself, however...:)
now, to wreck havoc upon a poor wee moth...

alison said...

oh, this is just what i need. i am feeling a little blue too. i love the idea of giving cookies to blue, hehe.
making up some fun with blue is just what i need.

thank you blue and thank you luxie!

LADY LUXIE said...

She: Aha!..sooooo that's why I kept hearing a twitter buzz' wheezing inside me' ears eh?..hee!hee!hee!

I have been like reading here and there about what all you fantastic bloggy ladies have been up to!!..And yeehah..I do believe I will get to meet the MAyden someday soon! :>

And about Blue..was thinking..why fight it...doesn't stay around much long anyway...

Thanks for dropping by :>

Foam: A frog hippity' hopped inside the house yesterday...Bushy had a grand time chasing it outa' the house hee hee!..Be sweet to the mothy there!

LADY LUXIE said...

Alison: Blue is a nice color...we can both wear it for a day..:>

HLiza said...

Ha..those's all the same Lux..the you see it, now you don't! Just don't treat it so sweetly, it may like to stick with you! He he..just kidding!
I like your idea of collaborating for the children book Lux, but still blur on how to go about it. I've not been writing anything good for the past one year..writer's block maybe..any suggestions or idea? I was once thinking of writing about simple village life of Asian kids..which is no longer experienced now by our kids..Hugs to you darlin'!

LADY LUXIE said...

Hliza: giggle giggle here...I'm sure to heed your advice!..I'll get in touch about the story :>