Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Just After I've Showered

"Love gives us in a moment
what we can hardly attain by effort after years of toil."

- Van Goethe

Sometimes I wish I were born in a huggier society.....
A society where touch ( the right kind of course) is more often the norm of greeting. Oh' yes...I grew up being strictly reminded of respect and conventional modes of showing affection such as kissing the cheeks....ever so lightly:

"When Auntie and Uncle so and so arrives make sure to damp a swift kiss..."

"When "lolo" or "lola" ( grandpa or grandma or geez'..anybody over 20 I suppose..) arrives take the hand and bless. "

Hugging..well..it just didn't sit well as a manner of affirmation.

So much so that I don't remember being hugged.

Hmmm'.....well except by a very well meaning boyfriend..hee!..hee!..hee!

( In case you're reading honey..I'm referring to you...sweeeear!...Incidentally, dinner is chicken vegetable soup and fried chops..We're out of bananas. )

The only person I'm comfortable hugging is my spouse. I hug my kids once in a while..but not..just as much. A pat...a gentle squeeze of the shoulders....tussling of the hair...but not full huggies...

Not that it's a never NOT...
Just not..that often enough.

The kids..well...they seem to be..not so much of the huggy' type either..like me.

However..the older I get..the more I think about the rejuvenating factor a hug can give. Better than a collagen mask I should say...

So...I'm hoping to make things better...a little practice here and there.. One eeny weenie huggy' to people I love...family..friends...pets...

Who knows.. A huggy a day might erase one wrinkle away...

Ah'....but even if it doesn't...I bet it's just like Quaker Oats....definitely "good for the heart."


ps: Ducky picture taken by meeh'..
In fact all pics ( even those ov' me are taken by me..) taken by meeh..except when I say so...Not that it really matters....that it was meeh' who took the pictures..and that I say so...bah!


Jac said...

I grew up on huggy grounds and so I miss it a lot. If it is not extended to me in right time, all will know what happens to this devil jac.

Lux, at least let me be in the pets list !!! LOL

That was a cute post as usual.

foam said...

in germany we mostly shook hands when we greeted sombody. close family members and close relatives i seem to remember hugging at times. my brother was an affectionate sort. he was the schmoozer and hugger in our family.
folks down here in the south seem to hug a fair bit. it took me some getting used to.
we hug a lot in my famly. if i feel like hugging i hug on my sons. luckily i have sons who like to hug back.

should i ever meet any fellow bloggers i'm hugging them. forget the handshake stuff. should i ever have the good grace to meet you, i'd probably squush you to death...:)

alison said...

in family, i guess i hug 'lil sis the most, i hug and squeezed her ever since she was a lil baby, so she loves hugs till now! hehe!

exskindiver said...

am still away (actually on my way home checking your blog in an airport in florida)
i love this topic.
hugging etc.
it inspires me to write about this topic soon.
but it is nice to know that someone who is not that accustomed to it can grow to want to change this.
there is hope for the hubs yet ;)

LADY LUXIE said...

Jac: Aw' Jack....you're too poetic to be in my pets list...You just won't make the grade...sorry...

But I do hae space in my "friends list"..I'll have to put you in on that I'm afraid...

'ere..have a huggy!!!!!...squeeeeeze!

Foam: Hee! hee! hee!...Uuuuu...I can just about feel the squuuush! :>

Alison: Lucky girl!..You're best friend seems to be your sis :>

Eskindiver: Would sure want to read your take on this...Travel safe!

Jac said...

That was too sweet...like the wine, and I felt it too.

X. Dell said...

Is it that your society doesn't touch or your family?

My family didn't touch hardly at all when I grew up, but they do now. A lot of women in NY touch and hug, and so do a lot of men, straight and gay. It took me awhile to get used to that.

But a hug is really something special. A couple of friends hugged me last year, and I'm still feeling it.

LADY LUXIE said...

Jac: aw'..

X: DELL: The society isn't much of a huggy' I should say..but even more so was my family...I think things are getting lighter...my friends hug me lightly when we see each other...but not..the huggy hug type...If someone were to hug me the huggy hug type..I dunno how I'd really feel..pleasantly surprised I suppose.

butterflygirl said...

I'm sending my ((hugs)) to you.