Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My YOU Inspiration

Self expression...this is what my blog is all about. And I believe that though my posts may sometimes ring silly, writing here has made me a calm happier person.

Reflecting on this, I am so just sorry for Shakespeare and Hemingway and Monet and Poe and all those great great writers and artists and scientists and just about everyone else, big or small, who did not live to see this age of internet magic. Imagine their astounded expression if they could, by some divine beam of back to the future glitch in time, be here right now witnessing this technology. The power that we possess through this medium is just unbelievable. It is the true summation awesome of all AWESOME'S combined!

As for me, I discovered blogging magic one Sunday 2004 February morning through CNN. Sitting there in front of my Sony TV hearing what those fun savvy blogging women were up to, and how they could relate and excitingly connect with other women the world over was just tooooo much of a writing lust temptation to ignore. I simply could not.....could not resist.

36. I was 36 when I started writing online. My teaching days in school, where I went, what I ate, what I wore and who said who was mostly what I wrote about. Boring really. Gosh' face it, who on earth would want to read about a Filipina teacher's field trip at Enchanted Kingdom!? But I wasn't really expecting anyone to read. No cares really. Back then everything this is was just for the sheer narcissistic amusement of seeing my words on a monitor screen.

Then came my dark days. That sullen point when I had a few "issues" about me and about life in general. The more issues, the more cryptic writings appeared. I was a jarful of discombobulation. Words in jumbled thoughts poured...and swooshed and sloshed and poured to my detriment, sometimes, without even giving second thought.

When I started getting feedback from other bloggers the awesome infusion of cyberpace blood coursed through me. I felt like I wasn't just writing anymore. I was connecting. I was blogging. For real.

Those were my ABC baby footstep toddler tottering days of blogging . Not once did I ever read about blogging do's and don't s...I learned it first hand...mistakes and all....I am still learning.

This blog is about me still. About Me. It holds my inner thoughts, my humble meanderings...my simple reflections about life. However, it has also evolved into something much more important. This blog has become a portal of YOU. This is now about YOU.

It is about all the YOU's that I read and I visit and I connect to each moment I am here. It is about your life, and your day, and your story, and your happy, and your sadness, and your crazy, your inspiration, and your puzzles, and your food and your homes...just everything about you.
Honestly, it is the inspiration I draw in from your story that makes blogging worthwhile.

When bloggers write from the heart, sharing words they wouldn't normally tell others in a real time conversation, I feel that. It makes the time I spend in cyberspace such an intimate uplifting experience. When people share their pictures..their art....their talent...the whole world seeps inside of me and takes a peaceful prism glow. Even if for a moment I feel you and I have ceased to become different. We are one.

I guess what I want to say is I am deeply grateful to be living today.

I am grateful to be so alive in this era. What a gift!

I am so just happy grateful for the wonderful opportunity to read all the blogs I read...

and I am so just grateful for the inspiration of YOU.


Lydia said...

Hello Luxie, This is so true. Having a blog has also made me a much happier person and connecting with others from all over the globe is so fun and exciting. I love to read your thoughts and feelings on your blog. Have a great day!

Amber said...

I so agree, Luxie. The connections we make through blogging are as "real" as any in so-called "real life" in many cases. I can't tell you how much I enjoy your blog and your thoughts. They just prove that we're all more alike than different, doesn't it? Sometimes more alike someone halfway across the world than we are someone halfway down our own street.

Thanks for all you do!

radioactive hummingbird said...

hi ... blogging change me. so much. it seems like, in many ways, i am a temporary version of my Self, and that Self i have yet to entirely discover. when i visit this blog, i feel a little twinge of surprise when i see the header i crafted for you ... that's me there, and you too.

anyway ... guess who?

she said...

what a great post...i never thought about what blogging might be should the great writers of past have blogs...and then i thought where are the blogs of contemporary professional writers? and would i enjoy them anymore than i do the "you's" in my blog world?

i always regard your visits as something special. they are rare, as are mine here, but they are always rich in visitation. and here, i love your photos. the one below this post is gorgeous. it looks like a painting. i thought i was at first.

this blog is about you. and the phillipines. the food! the land. your family, the balcony, pets, what you saw, the encounter at the coffee shop....all of it simply delightfully lux!!

X. Dell said...

Interesting. These are pretty much my thoughts as well. Same history, too. The fact that people would drop by your space and interact with you is something that still boggles my mind, a little.

Graciel of Evenstar Art said...

Yes, how well put..."We Are One". I love that. The internet is such a force for bringing women (especially) all over the world together to learn from each other and embrace each other. Your beautiful blog is a portal. We all benefit from your gracious sharing. And it is the sharing among women that will help to balance this unstable planet. We are a force of love that technology is helping to unify.

Blog on, Sister!

exskindiver said...

well said.
i agree with you.