Monday, March 24, 2008

Teenage Invasion!


Bushy and I are holed up in the bedroom. A few moments ago a loud throng of teenagers ( with my 16 year old son leading) came knock knocking into my home. Right now they are all ( about 10) lazyingly sprawled in my living room floor giggling, laughing while all the while watching a DVD film ( 300..whoo whoo! ) and munching on Big Macs and fries...Kinda' petrifying really!

I know this is it..shucks'..the official start of summer vacation. Uh' oh'...snooks' will be home for more than a month...what to do....what to do!..More of this hangin' around for them I guess...

But the coming Friday is extra special. This youngest son of mine will be graduating from high school.'....dig that!? When his dad and I think about this fact, we still get kinda' stunned...and I mean..stunned..stunned. Gosh'..last kid off high school..whew! We are now so officially done with nappies' ( did that in our 20's)...done with museum field trips...done with just about everything most of our peers are still groping into. At 40, we have two boys in college...unbelievable.

I'm relieved honestly. I look at some of my friends who actually still have toddlers and gaaawsh'....sorry man....but really...I mean..I'm just glad there aren't any talks about eating squash or asparagus or carrots in my home anymore. You want pizza? got it then... pizza it is.. I am sooo00 not going to argue! Pizza for peace.

Of course, this also means we get more of the "challenges" that have to be seriously seriously seriously dealt with. Reminders about hanging out with the wrong crowd in college, smoking, dope, sex, drinking....the works.

I'm still unsure'...competent I am to deal with all these issues..the changes...the borrowing of the car...the trusting ( oh' shucks' the trusting) that they would make the right choices...I know my kids are basically okay...

wonder if I am.
wonder if I will be.


ThursdayNext said...

You are a wonderful mother, and I am happy for you that you are celebrating such milestones! :)

butterflygirl said...

I bet it seemed like this day would never come. The relationships between you and your sons will only continue to build. They both have great parents!

mirror~me said...

you are and always been! tell urself that, hon :)

..................... said...

i was one of these old moms i guess ..
but in a year i'll have one off to college too ..
and my youngest will be going into 7th grade ..

we've had certain talks about certain subjects with the oldest. i'm usually more blunt then my spouse. for example, the last talk that we had my spouse and i made it clear that we wanted no grandbabies in our future for the next 10 years at least ..

..................... said...

now i get what's different ..
you're all burgundy ..
well and duuuuh to me ..;)

Anonymous said...

It is the same all over the world

Amber said...

What an accomplishment! My kids are 9 and 10 and I dread the teen years and all the scary challenges they will bring, yet I do find I love being a parent more and more with each passing year and each new stage.

HLiza said...

Ah yes, at 36 I'm still playing with nappies, thermos in the car and toys all over the house. I tell them to grow up fast everyday..but will they listen? You're one lucky mom! And look at you, you look like you had your kids when you're 8! Are you sure you're forty?